Can i use explorer on a mac?

Can i use explorer on a mac? Can you install Internet Explorer on Mac? Unfortunately, there’s no way to directly download and install Internet Explorer on Mac. However, there’s an option to install Windows on your Mac with a virtual machine, and then install and use Internet Explorer, just as you’d do on a Windows computer.

Can I make the font bigger on my Mac? Increase the size of icons and text on the desktop: Control-click the desktop, choose Show View Options, then move the “Icon size” slider to the right. Click the “Text size” pop-up menu, then choose a text size.

Can my Mac handle new OS? It’s likely that an older OS won’t include the necessary drivers for the hardware on your newer Mac. For this reason it is unlikely that you will be able to install an older version of macOS on a new Mac – but you can take a look at How to install old versions of macOS or OS X for guidance on what is possible.

What does Homebrew actually do? Just like cargo build && cargo run creates a binary, stores it in a predictable location, and executes it, Homebrew creates executables and installs them into a predictable location for your computer to execute later.

Internet Explorer on Mac: How to make it work

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How to transfer mail files from one mac to another?

In Mail on the old Mac, select the corresponding In and Sent mailboxes for each account and choose ‘Export Mailbox’ from the Mailbox menu. Rename the mailbox files in the Finder to distinguish them from other accounts’ mailboxes. Transfer these files to your new Mac. (I transferred all files via a Thunderbolt cable.

Can i remove xcode app from my mac?

To uninstall newer versions of Xcode is much like deleting any other app from the Mac: Navigate to the /Applications/ folder and locate “Xcode” application. Drag “XCode” to the Trash and empty the trash as usual by right-clicking on the Trash icon and choosing ‘Empty Trash’

Where does mail store files on mac?

Each user account on your Mac has a Mail directory in their Library folder — that’s ~/Library/Mail, or /Users/NAME/Library/Mail. This is where the Mail app stores its data for each user. Open Finder, click the Go menu, and select Go to Folder.

How to download minecraft to mac?

Once you’re done creating a Mojang account on the site, circle back to the homepage and follow these steps:

Is it possible to defrag a mac?

A Mac defrag moves related bits of data on your hard drive together, so files and programs can load faster. Disk defragmentation reorganizes your hard drive’s files to make them easier for your computer to access. But defragging a Mac is rarely needed, because Macs can defrag themselves.

How many bytes is a mac address in ethernet?

In a LAN, each node is assigned a physical address, also known as a MAC/Ethernet address. This address is unique to each of the nodes on the LAN and is 6 bytes (48 bits) long, which is burned on the Ethernet card (also known as the network interface card).

Why can’t i get the latest update on my mac?

If you are unable to update your Mac even after you clean up the storage, restart your Mac. A normal restart often fixes random issues. So, give it a try. Once your Mac has rebooted, head to the System Preferences > Software Update and try to install the update.

How can I make my Solver more accurate?

Select the Use Automatic Scaling check box to specify that Solver should internally rescale the values of variables, constraints and the objective to similar magnitudes, to reduce the impact of extremely large or small values on the accuracy of the solution process. This box is selected by default.

Can you download League of Legends replays?

Launch the LoL client. Find and go to the profile of the friend you want to download the replay for. Go to their Match History tab. Click the Download button next to the game you want to watch.

How do I get Solver to work on my Mac?

To enable Solver, click ‘Tools’ then ‘Addins’. Within the Addin box, check ‘Solver. xlam’ then hit ‘OK’. To use Solver, start Excel 2011 and create or open your workbook.

Can I FaceTime myself from iPhone to Mac?

Yes, you can FaceTime from any of your Apple devices to another Apple device using the same Apple ID. So, for example, if you left your iPhone at home you could FaceTime it from your Mac in the office.

How do I add an app to the sidebar on my Mac?

In the Finder menu bar, select Go and choose Applications in the menu. Locate the application you want to add to the sidebar, press and hold the Command key, and drag the application to the Favorites section of the Finder sidebar. Position the application where you want it to appear and then release the mouse button.

Where are pip installed packages stored Mac?

pip when used with virtualenv will generally install packages in the path /lib//site-packages .

Is Minecraft free to download on Mac?

With a free Minecraft download for Mac, you can enjoy retro-style graphics clubbed with engaging background music and huge maps. If you’ve always been a fan of adventure and strategy games, this one won’t disappoint.

Where does pip install packages saved?

The pip command has options for installing, upgrading and deleting packages, and can be run from the Windows command line. By default, pip installs packages located in the Python Package Index (PyPI), but can also install from other indexes.

What happens if you delete Xcode from Mac?

You may find extra Xcode files in directories not listed above on your Mac. That’s why you should use the mdfind command to locate the files before uninstalling Xcode. When you uninstall Xcode from your Mac, a bunch of these files will be deleted. However, some files may still be lurking behind.

Is MacBook body strong?

Reviewers tend to agree that the MacBook, while leaner and lighter than previous versions, is a sturdy, well-built laptop. All the same, a lack of user-repairable parts makes the Apple Care insurance plan a solid investment. Even the toughest computer can break under the right (or rather, wrong) circumstances.

Is Xcode necessary for Mac?

Xcode is the only supported way to develop apps by Apple. So if you’re interested in building iOS or MacOS apps you must use it. There are third-party solutions that don’t require you to use Xcode, however these are not supported by Apple and there are often issues with these solutions.

How do you get the soul blast cardfight area?

CTRL + click on your or your opponent’s Vanguard with the left mouse button to open your soul.

Does Macos really need antivirus?

No, Apple does not recommend antivirus software, but it doesn’t recommend against it either. After all, one of its big marketing points for its computers is their security features. Does Apple have a virus scan? Yes, Apple does have a virus scan.

Why is my Mac not recognizing my card reader?

If you have trouble getting your Mac to read an SD card, here’s what you should do: Check the Finder settings. Go to Finder > Preferences > General and make sure the External disks option is selected. Then go to the Sidebar tab and make sure the External disks option is also chosen.

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