Can i use my iphone as mouse for mac?

Can i use my iphone as mouse for mac? Download the Mac/PC version of the software from Run the software on Mac/PC. Now, open Remote Mouse on your iPhone. Tap on ‘Start’ and it should automatically connect if your iPhone and the Mac/PC are on the same Wi-fi network.

Where are Big Sur Apple Mail rules stored? ~/Library/Mail/V7/MailData/ [For Mojave, V6; for Catalina, V7; Big Sur, V8.] Copy them to the corresponding folder in your target system. There are three files that contain what is needed. On a Catalina system, the files can be found in your home folder in Library/Mail/V7MailData.

How do I export Mac Mail rules? Hold down the Option key and drag the file to a different folder or an external drive. That will copy your rules while leaving the original file right where it is. To transfer the rules to another Mac, just drop the MessageRules.

Why can’t I update my Safari browser? With newer versions of macOS, your Safari isn’t updating because Apple has removed browser updates via the App Store. Now you can simply update macOS instead of manually updating Safari. If you’re using macOS High Sierra or earlier and don’t want to upgrade macOS, you can update Safari in the App Store.

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Can i open scrivener pc files in scrivener for mac?

You will also need to have Scrivener 3 installed on both your Mac and Windows computers. The Scrivener project format is fully cross-platform compatible. There will never be a need to convert or export your project if all you wish to do is work on another computer.

Can I use Scrivener across devices?

Can I use Scrivener on multiple computers? Absolutely! Scrivener comes with what we call a “household” licence, which means that you can install Scrivener on any machines you own and of which you are the primary user. You can also install it on the computers of family members living in the same house as you.

Is macOS Sierra still supported?

In keeping with Apple’s release cycle, macOS 10.12 Sierra will no longer be receiving security updates. Sierra was replaced by High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14, and the newest Catalina 10.15. Our latest fully-supported operating system if macOS Mojave (10.14).

Do I need to keep the install macOS file?

Nope. All it’s doing is occupying space. The system does not require it. You can delete it, just keep in mind that if you ever want to install Sierra again, you will need to download it again.

Where do offline Google Docs get stored?

Files and folders selected as available offline are stored in the User directory cache and not accessible using a file explorer. They can only be accessed via the virtual drive, and only when Drive for desktop is running.

Can I delete the app install macOS Big Sur?

Choose Applications from the Finder’s Go menu, locate the installer, and throw it away. Choose Applications from the Finder’s Go menu, locate the installer, and throw it away. and then trash it.

What does Stags Bluekai com mean? is a legitimate advertising service that website publishers use to generate revenue on their … Published on: January 6, 2017. If your web browser is constantly being redirected to the site, then it is possible that you have an adware program installed on your computer.

Why are some apps greyed out?

Why are app icons greyed out on Android? There are multiple reasons for this occurrence: App Limits or Focus mode in Digital Wellbeing locked apps and made the icons grey. Apps are being installed after a factory reset.

How do I clean up my Mac Calendar?

In the Calendar app on your Mac, click the calendar’s name in the calendar list. If you don’t see the calendar list on the left, choose View > Show Calendar List. Choose Edit > Delete. Some calendars can’t be deleted.

How do I sync Scrivener between Mac and Windows?

To sync your files between computer and device, you’ll need to have Dropbox installed on both and be signed in to the same account. To get started, tap the Sync button on the iOS version of Scrivener and sign in to Dropbox. You’ll be asked to choose which Dropbox folder to save your work in.

How do you screenshot on Skype on a Mac?

Taking a Screenshot on a Mac. Press the “Command + Shift + 4 + Spacebar” combination. Click the Skype Window to take a screenshot accurately. Once it’s done, you will hear a camera tone, which indicates that your snapshot has been saved to desktop in a PNG format.

What is tags Bluekai on Mac?

What is BlueKai is a legitimate information tracking service owned by Oracle Corporation. Recently, however, many Mac OS users have encountered pop-ups/redirects leading to (or that may seem malicious.

Is The Bernie Mac Show on prime?

Right now you can watch The Bernie Mac Show on Amazon Prime, BET+, and Hulu Plus. You are able to stream The Bernie Mac Show for free on Pluto or Tubi.

Where are Skype screenshots saved Mac?

Go to Finder and then to Downloads. You will see the snapshot that you took during your Skype call.

How do I convert an MP3 to a WAV file?

Drag or upload MP3 files to the encoding queue. Select WAV from the Format and Presets drop-down list of the file in the queue. Choose the desired file or files in the queue panel and select Edit › Export Settings to adjust any settings. Start the queue to encode the MP3 and export your new WAV file.

Why do I have iPhoto and Photos on my Mac?

Why is that? It comes down to hard links, a way of conserving storage. When Apple released Photos for macOS in 2015, it had to have a transition plan for iPhoto libraries. iPhoto libraries could be imported and converted, but with a twist.

Why does my Mac Calendar have duplicate entries?

A New Event can ripple across sync and wind up duplicated—but why? Refresh calendars. Apple suggests choosing View > Refresh Calendars in the Calendar app, which performs a force synchronization. If there’s a lag, this can bring calendars back into sync.

Where are offline Google Drive files stored on Mac?

Your files are stored in the cloud instead of your computer, and any changes you make are automatically synced with the cloud. In addition, you can select which files you would like to make available for offline use.

How do I Unsync iPhoto from Mac?

If iCloud Photos is turned on, you can toggle it off on a single device, namely your Mac using those same steps. Make sure iCloud Photos is not selected under System Preferences > iCloud > Photos. This will de-sync your Mac from iCloud Photos and it will not automatically update.

Why do pop ups keep coming up on my mac?

If you see pop-ups on your Mac that just won’t go away, you might have inadvertently downloaded and installed adware (advertising-supported software) or other unwanted software. Certain third-party download sites might include programs that you don’t want with the software that you install.

Do you add nutmeg to mac and cheese?

News flash: Whether you make it from a box or completely from scratch, the key to an indulgent, flavorful batch of macaroni and cheese is nutmeg. Just an 1/8-teaspoon of whole nutmeg grated on a microplane transforms the ultimate comfort food dish into an even better version of itself.

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