Can you play dragon age inquisition on mac?

Can you play dragon age inquisition on mac? The Fortsbite 3 engine which drives Dragon Age Inquisition is currently not compatible with OS X. You don’t have to buy a PC, however. A license of Windows 7 should suffice if your mac is up to spec.

Can I play Dragon Age on a Mac? Dragon Age: Origins will run on Mac OS X 10.6. 2 Leopard or higher and requires an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor, 2GB of RAM, an ATI X1600 or NVIDIA 7300 graphics card or better, and at least 17GB of hard drive space for installation. The game will not run on PowerPC-based Macs or Intel Mac that use Intel GMA video cards.

How do I find the IP address if I know the MAC address? Type arp -a in the command prompt. This lists a number of MAC addresses with the associated IP addresses. Since you have the MAC address, scroll down the list to find the associated IP address.

How do you find the file extension on a Mac? On your Mac, select a file, then choose File > Get Info, or press Command-I. Click the arrow next to Name & Extension to expand the section. To show or hide the filename extension, select or deselect “Hide extension”.

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What is bluetooth pan on a mac?

* Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) is used for close-quarters connections between a Bluetooth compatible device, like an iPhone, Android, or iPad, and a computer, like a Mac or Windows PC. Thus, removing the Bluetooth PAN interface will remove that functionality from the Mac.

What does a bouncing icon in mac mean?

By default, every time you open a Mac application by clicking it on your Dock, the app icon will briefly “hop” in an animated sequence as the app loads. If you find this annoying, Apple makes it easy to turn off.

Where are the iphone photos stored on my mac?

By default, the System Photo Library is located in the Pictures folder on your Mac. You can also create additional photo libraries on your Mac and on other storage devices. You should always use the Photos app to access the photos in a Photos library.

Where are quicktime files saved mac?

Where are my screen recordings saved on Mac? QuickTime can store your audio immediately under: /Library/Containers/com. apple. QuickTimePlayerX/Data/Library/Autosave Information/, as long as the audio files are not stored by tapping Save as follows, the recordings will be saved in the AutoSave destination.

Why is mac download so slow?

Sometimes, malicious programs and files on your computer can be the reason of poor Internet speed. Open CleanMyMac X > Malware Removal and the app will automatically make your Mac clean. Regularly update software and firmware.

What is my mac username?

If you can’t remember your account name, open a Finder window, then choose Go > Home. Your account name appears next to the house icon at the top of the Finder window.

Why do airpods sound muffled on mac?

One of the reasons your AirPods are sounding very low in quality or muffled is dirt, debris, or ear wax are blocking the sound. Dirt might be blocking the audio from flowing from the speaker to your ears if you haven’t cleaned your AirPods.

Do media converters have mac addresses?

Media converters are completely transparent to the network. There are no MAC or IP addresses to consider; converters can be placed anywhere in the LAN without concern for data degradation.

Can a mac play fortnite?

Fortnite is a free-to play multiplayer game that can be played natively on Mac computers. Fortnite is currently among the most popular computer games out there, and you can easily play it on your Mac so long as the computer meets the game’s hardware requirements.

Where is the File option on Mac Excel?

On a Mac, Preferences is the approximate equivalent of Options on a PC. The listing normally is found in the Application Menu. You’ll find what you’re looking for if you go to Excel> Preferences> View – Show in Workbook.

How do I print a selected area on a Mac?

Simply highlight the portion you want to print , hold down the shift key, go to file and click print selection. That’s it!

What is the function of media converter?

A media converter is a networking device that transparently converts Ethernet or other communication protocols from one cable type to another type, usually copper CATx/UTP to fibre.

Is TobyMac’s wife biracial?

Amanda Levy Mckeehan was born on the 9th of January 1971 (Capricorn) and she is 49 years of age in 2020. She comes from Jamaica and has American-Jamaican nationality. Her father is Robert Levy, and her mother is Judy Levy.

Can a switch be used as a media converter?

The relationship between switches, media converters, and OSI layers. Today’s media converters are often switches, and switches often act as media converters. Plus, both switches and media converters are frequently described in terms of layers—Layer 2, Layer 3.

Why I Cannot Set print Area in Excel?

If your Excel spreadsheet isn’t printing properly, clearing or setting a print area can often help. Sometimes the wrong print area has already been set, in which case you want to clear it. To do this from the Page Layout Ribbon, click the Print Area icon and select Clear Print Area.

How do I know what model my Mac mini is?

Find the serial number printed on the underside of your Mac, near the regulatory markings. It’s also on the original packaging, next to a barcode label. You can then enter that serial number on the Check Coverage page to find your model.

What is the meaning behind Edge of Seventeen movie?

The Edge of Seventeen is a story about how growing up actually means taking stock of how lousy of a person you are, and also acknowledging that other people are doing their best to take care of you.

How do I use SFTP on Mac?

Open Terminal by selecting Go > Utilities > Terminal. Type: sftp and hit Enter.

What does Bluetooth PAN stand for?

A Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) host connection lets you share an Internet connection on the rugged handheld computer with other devices.

Can I use my old Mac hard drive as an external drive?

You can use it as external storage for your iPhoto library. If it’s large enough, you can use it as a backup drive for your new computer.

Does SFTP work on Mac?

SFTP is built into the operating system and requires that you enable it with a few tweaks in System Preferences and maybe an adjustment to your home router settings. To enable SFTP access to your Mac: Open System Preferences and select Sharing.

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