Do mac desktops support blu ray?

Do mac desktops support blu ray? Out of the box, your Mac can do almost anything, but playing Blu-ray movies isn’t one of them. Not only do Macs not ship with Blu-ray playback software built in, but Apple still doesn’t make a drive capable of reading Blu-ray discs.

Can Apple Computers play Blu-ray? Apple has a USB SuperDrive available separately which can connect to the Mac to play DVDs. But you can also play Blu-ray right there on your Mac if you want to. The first thing you’ll need is an external Blu-ray drive. There are several available including models from Buffalo, Samsung, LG, ASUS and Sony.

Do Mac desktops have DVD players? The iMac’s optical drive can read CDs, CD data disks, DVDs and DVD data disks. You can use it to play audio CDs, watch DVD movies and load files and applications from data disks.

How do I enable F4 in Excel? To get to the normal operation of a particular function key, look for a key labeled something like FN (short for “function”) or F Lock (for “function lock”). Press or hold down that key (it varies from system to system) as you press the F4 key, and it should work as you expect.

How to Play Blu-ray on Mac!

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Why aren’t my airpods connecting to my mac laptop?

Put both AirPods in the charging case and make sure that both AirPods are charging. To make sure that Bluetooth is on, choose Apple menu  > System Preferences, then click Bluetooth. If your AirPods are connected, make sure that they’re selected as your audio device.

When did mac miller write faces?

I write through my trauma. This is a lesson I learned from Mac Miller time and again, but most crucially from his 2014 opus, Faces.

Where is toolbar on mac pages?

The toolbar is at the top of your Pages document and usually has a View button, then a Zoom pop-up menu, in the left corner. The menu bar and the toolbar have some items with the same name (for example, View, Insert, and Format), but they don’t have the same options or controls.

How to see what apps have microphone permission on mac?

You can decide which apps are allowed to use the microphone. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy , then click Privacy.

Where is the cent sign on a mac?

To make a cent sign in your document, position the cursor where you’d like it to appear and then go into Edit > Edit Emoji & Symbols from the Menu Bar. Alternatively, use Control + Command + Space on your Mac keyboard for faster access! A new window will appear with a variety of special characters, symbols, and Emojis.

Can i use pc ram in mac?

Sure, the operating systems are different and they use different design philosophies, but surely the RAM that goes into a PC and the RAM that goes into a Mac are the same. The answer, helpfully, is “maybe.” At one point in the not-so-distant past, Mac and PC memory sticks were generally not very compatible.

How to cross out text on mac?

Use your keyboard shortcut for the strikethrough effect (Mac only) If you are in a rush, the fastest way to strikethrough text in Word on a Mac is the Cmd+Shift+X shortcut. Using the shortcut once applies the crossed out text effect.

How can I tell what app is using my microphone Mac?

To open Control Center on your Mac, click Control Center in the menu bar. Choose Control Center in the menu bar. An orange dot indicates the microphone on your Mac is in use; you can see which apps are using it at the top of Control Center.

How many calories are in a Big Mac and small fries?

Starting next week, consumers will know exactly how many calories they’re getting with that Big Mac (550 calories), fries (230) and milkshake (530). McDonald’s will be providing calorie information ahead of reforms next year that will mandate calorie information.

Is s/n same as MAC address?

The phone’s MAC Address—also called a serial number (SN)—is located on the packaging box (Figure 1) and on the back of the phone, on the label with the bar code (Figure 2).

How do I get iTunes to stop popping up on my Mac?

Force quit iTunes, and then reopen it: How to force an app to quit on your Mac. Restart your Mac: How to turn your Mac on or off. Sign into iTunes while your Mac is booted in safe mode: Use safe mode to isolate issues with your Mac. Restart your Mac like normal afterwards.

Why do I need an alternate MAC address?

Why would a user ever want to enter an Alternate MAC Address? There is only one reason that a user would ever manually enter an alternate MAC address on an Xbox One: if they are trying to connect to a secure network that only allows devices to connect that have been whitelisted by their MAC address.

How do I play a CD on my Mac without iTunes?

You can use Music to listen to the music on your CDs. In the Music app on your Mac, insert an audio CD into your computer’s CD or DVD drive, or into an external drive that’s connected to your computer. If you don’t see information for the CD, select the CD below Devices in the sidebar.

How do I change a pdf to a word doc on a Mac?

Right-click your PDF file, go to Open With, and choose Preview. Select the text you want to copy and hit Command‐C. Navigate to Pages or Microsoft Word on Mac and paste the text into the document with Command‐V. Save the file as DOC or DOCX (go to File > Export To > Word, if you use Pages).

Is chocolate sundae a compound?

This ice cream sundae is a heterogeneous mixture because you can see the ice cream, chocolate sauce, cherry, etc. Lemonade is a homogeneous mixture because you can’t see the lemon juice dissolved into the water.

Is bash the same as Mac Terminal?

By default, Mac uses either zsh (Z shell) or bash (Bourne-again Shell) as the shell or command-line interpreter.

How long does it take to restore a Mac from a Time Machine backup?

So in some cases, it will take an hour to restore data from a Time Machine backup, while in other cases, it can even take up to ten hours.

How do I show the toolbar in Pages?

You can also hide the toolbar by choosing View > Hide Toolbar (from the View menu at the top of your computer screen); to show it again, choose View > Show Toolbar.

When did Faces come out on Apple music?

Mac’s estate announced Wednesday that the Faces mixtape will arrive on digital service providers. Available on Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal on October 15. In addition, official vinyl is available for pre-order.

Can MAC address have letters?

A MAC address consists of six groups of two characters (numbers or letters). Depending on where you view the address, these groups are separated by colons, hyphens, or nothing at all.

Do I need to uninstall AMD drivers before installing Nvidia?

Put simply, if the GPUs you will be swapping are AMD to AMD or Nvidia to Nvidia, you will not need to uninstall the previous drivers prior to plugging in the new graphics card.

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