How can i hang curtains from the ceiling?

How can i hang curtains from the ceiling? Adhesive hooks are an option if you want the look of ceiling-length draperies without the labor of marking and drilling bracket holes. If you plan to use adhesive hooks installed directly on the ceiling to hang your curtains, it is important that the ceiling surface is smooth and is not unevenly textured.

What Colour curtains go with olive green walls? Classic white curtains in cotton and sheer fabric is a great choice for olive green walls. It gives the space a light and airy appearance. You may also go for off-white, ivory or cream colour.

What goes well with olive green walls? Don’t go with any darker shades; you may, however, choose the ones inclining more towards gray for the curtains. The room will always look bright and nicely balanced.

Do GREY curtains go with green walls? What Color Curtains Go With Sage Green Walls? Soft light gray hues. Gray drapes, gray Roman shade blinds, cellular shade blinds, sheer and light-filtering curtains.

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Can you hang curtain without nails?

There are several different methods for hanging your curtains without using nails or screws in your wall. Tension rods are probably the easiest. You buy them, hang your curtain, and insert them between your window frames. Magnetic curtain rods are available as are hangers that tap in behind your window frame.

Where do curtain brackets go?

Each bracket should be placed at the height you previously determined and about four to six inches from the side of the window frame. (This will allow you to open the curtains completely.) Check to make sure your pencil marks are level otherwise the entire window treatment will be crooked.

How do plastic curtain hooks work?

Plastic hooks need to be attached to the curtain heading tape so that the curtain can be attached to the rings on the pole. … The curtain can now be hung by threading the hooks on to each of the curtain rings, one hook for each ring.

Can you wash clear shower curtain?

Washing a plastic shower curtain requires you to add either a half cup of color-safe bleach, detergent, vinegar or baking soda to your washing cycle along with a few towels on a cool setting. … After washing, simply hang your plastic curtain back up to dry.

How wide is a shower curtain rod?

Measure in inches, then choose a rod that fits the opening. Keep in mind that standard shower curtains are 70 or 72 inches wide. Determine exactly where the curtain rod will be placed. Choose an inside or an outside mount.

How to hang multiple curtains?

Another smart way to achieve a layered look using a single rod is to use double-sided hooks. Though these are often used in bathrooms for shower curtains, they can be adopted in other rooms as well. Double-sided hooks have two hooks on opposite sides, which can be used to hold two curtain panels at the same time.

How do eyelet curtains work?

Eyelet curtains, also referred to as “grommet curtains,” have holes along the top edge. … The way that they are woven onto a curtain rod creates beautiful folds in the fabric, which can make just about any room appear more grand and formal.

How to hang curtains over vertical blinds without drilling?

Opt for velcro for a no-drill option to attach stationary curtains. Wipe down the inside of the cornice that is covering your vertical blinds to remove any dust or grime. Attach one side of the velcro to the cornice and the other side to the top of the exterior of the curtains.

Can you use tie backs with eyelet curtains?

Eyelet curtains don’t need to be tied back because of how they drape, but you can install wall-mounted tie backs if you want to. From the top of the window frame, measure two-thirds down. Ropes or ribbon can be used to tie the curtains back.

Can i hang a curtain rod at the ceiling?

If you plan to use adhesive hooks installed directly on the ceiling to hang your curtains, it is important that the ceiling surface is smooth and is not unevenly textured. … Remove the curtain rods and place the curtains onto the rods. Place your rods back onto the ceiling hooks and you’ve got ceiling curtains.

How to do blackout curtains?

Gather your material and lay it flat on the floor, right side facing down. Place the blackout lining inside the fabric, with the right side facing up. Fold the hems over the blackout lining, and pin in place around all of the corners and edges. Next, sew all the edges together to connect the lining to the curtain.

Does the curtains match the carpet?

Although your drapes and carpet do not need to be the same color or pattern, they do need to play nicely together. After all, they both serve the same purpose, which is to add to your overall room theme. … Again, this does not mean that your carpet and drapes must match perfectly. Far from it.

Are curved shower curtain rods good?

A curved shower rod will allow you to enjoy up to 33% more room than using a straight rod. This is because of the outward bulging design that makes it curve in more space from the bathroom into the shower area.

How far should curtain rods stick out from wall?

General Installation Recommendations. When installing curtain rods, hang the rod so that it extends at least 3 or 4 inches beyond the window on each side. This allows your curtains to overlap both the window and the wall to prevent light from leaking in around the window’s edges.

Can i hand wash silk curtains?

If silk curtains call for hand-washing, do so in lukewarm or cool water and use mild liquid dish detergent. Swish gently and never twist or wring. Constant exposure to sunlight can render even sturdy fabrics fragile.

How to measure a patio door for curtains?

Measure the horizontal width from the outside edge of the door trim on the left side to the outside edge of the trim on the right side. Add 8 inches to the width to give the drapes 4 inches to bunch on each side of the door when open.

How to remove mildew from cloth shower curtain?

To remove extra heavy mildew from a white or clear shower curtain/liner, add a cup of bleach to the wash water. For colored curtains/liners, try OxiClean, Clorox 2 or another bleach alternative instead.

How to position a curved bath shower curtain rod?

For best fit, shower curtain should be 6″ – 12″ wider than shower rod. Mount rod approximately 3″ inside the point a straight rod is normally mounted. The midpoint of the rod should extend several inches past the outside rim of the tub. Depending upon tub model, mount rod between 6″ and 8″ from center line of the tub.

Do you take curtains when you move?

Curtains. When you move out, all curtains should remain on the windows. The new owners will be grateful for the coverings, which probably won’t fit your new home anyway.

Can you wash raw silk curtains?

Some of Silk curtains are washable, but it should be hand laundered in a lukewarm with a mild detergent, hang them to dry indoor.

Can you put plastic shower curtain liner in washing machine?

Yes, you can wash a plastic shower curtain in the washer. However, when you are washing it be sure to: Keep it on a cool setting. Add a bath towel or two.

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