How do i delete other volumes on mac?

How do i delete other volumes on mac? Click the view icon and select Show All Devices. Select your system volume, usually Macintosh HD. Click Erase, set format to APFS, and click the Erase button. Control-click any old volumes in the container and select Delete APFS Volume to remove them, keeping Macintosh HD.

What are other volumes on my Mac? Other volumes in container means the last three volumes: Preboot, Recovery, VM in APFS container. Other volumes cannot be removed because they are needed for macOS to function properly.

How do you delete volumes on a Mac? If Disk Utility isn’t open, click the Launchpad icon in the Dock, type Disk Utility in the Search field, then click the Disk Utility icon . Click the Delete Volume button in the toolbar. If the Delete Volume button is dimmed, the selected volume can’t be deleted because it’s in use.

What happens if I turn on the FileVault on my Mac? Once FileVault is enabled on your Mac, every single existing piece of data will be encrypted. Any new and changed data will be automatically locked and password-protected to prevent unauthorized access.

Mac Other Storage: How To Delete It! (Works With Any Mac)

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How to insert en dash in word for mac?

Inserting an en-dash in Word. For Mac: press “option+hyphen key”. Word will automatically convert it to an en-dash. On some Mac keyboards, the option key is called “alt”.

Is antivirus necessary for mac os x?

No, Apple does not recommend antivirus software, but it doesn’t recommend against it either. After all, one of its big marketing points for its computers is their security features. Does Apple have a virus scan? Yes, Apple does have a virus scan.

How do i download music to my mac for free?

In the Music app on your Mac, click any option below Library in the sidebar. For example, click Songs to see all the songs in your library. To download music you’ve added to your music library to your computer, move the pointer over an item, then do one of the following: Click the Download button .

Where are downloads on my mac book?

You can easily access the Downloads folder is easily accessed from Finder’s sidebar. If you don’t see it under Favorites, go to Finder > Preferences, and turn it on in the Sidebar tab. You can also quickly get to it from Go > Downloads (Option+Command+L). The Downloads folder is aptly named.

Can adobe flash be installed on a mac?

Instead of simply searching for a Safari extension, you need to download Adobe’s Flash Player for Mac and install it separately. Here’s how to get it from the Adobe site: Open the Flash Player site in your browser. Click the button that says Download Flash Player.

Why doesn’t mac recognize external hard drive?

Your external hard drive is not readable on Mac because it is formatted in NTFS, HFS+, or another format not supported by macOS. A loosely connected or frayed USB cable is another possible reason the external drive is not recognized by your Mac. Change the cable to fix the issue.

Where is airdrop files saved on mac?

Unlike your iPhone, when you AirDrop file or pictures to your Mac, they all go to the same place – your Downloads folder. If you’re not sure how to find that folder, here’s what you can do: Open a new Finder window. Click Go > Downloads.

Will there ever be a Mac & Me 2?

A sequel was announced at the time of Mac and Me’s release. The film ends with the text “We’ll be back!”, but given its unpopularity, a follow-up did not happen. Producer R.J. Louis spoke of the ending in a 2017 interview and did not rule out a sequel.

How many calories are in a small mac and cheese side?

As all of these options are relatively high in calories and sodium for 1 cup (about 150–250 grams) of food, you should only eat mac and cheese in moderation or as an occasional treat as part of a healthy diet. Macaroni and cheese is typically high in calories, containing 300–500 calories per serving.

How do I delete imported photos on Apple?

Answer: A: Select all photos in Last Import by entering the key combination ⌘A while viewing Last Import. Then ctrl-click or right-click the selected photos and use the command “delete … photos”.

What games can you run on a Mac?

Macs make excellent computers from a professional standpoint and are great for productivity, but they simply aren’t designed to be gaming computers.

Why cant I delete photos imported from my Mac?

⌘-D will duplicate the photo in Photos and not delete it. Try command-delete (⌘⌫) to delete a photo. This will move the selected photos to the Recently Deleted album, and there you can delete them finally.

How do I connect my Razer mouse to my Mac?

Press and hold the pair/switch button for three seconds. The pairing indicator will blink twice in repeated intervals to show that the device is in pairing mode. Activate Bluetooth on your device and search for “Razer Pro Click” from the list of devices found. Wait until both devices are paired.

Does the Razer Pro type work on Mac?

The Razer Pro Type is fully compatible with Windows. On macOS, the Pause/Break, Scroll Lock, and Context menu don’t work, and there’s no software for customization. All keys function on Linux, Android, iOS, and iPadOS; there’s just no software support.

How do I insert an en dash in Word?

To create an Em dash, use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + Alt + – . To create an En dash, use the shortcut key combination Ctrl + – . Num Lock must be enabled and you need to use the minus key on the numeric keypad.

What to do if your Mac is infected with a virus?

So, once you suspect your Mac is infected, disconnect from the internet. This is critical – it ensures no more data is sent to the malware/attacker server. Then make your way to the ‘activity monitor’ and go through the CPU tab to check all programs that are running. Stop the ones you think are malicious.

How do I get my Mac to read an external hard drive?

Go to System Preferences > Disk Utility. Check that the external disk is listed in the left sidebar. Highlight your hard drive and select Mount. It should now appear under devices in the Finder.

Can Razer work with Mac?

Razer Synapse 2.0 has support for certain devices for the Mac OS versions below: MAC OSX 10.10 to 10.14. MAC OSX 10.9 to 10.13. MAC OSX 10.8.

What did Mac DeMarco get in trouble for?

“Lent first told Mac about the sexual assault allegations in April 2021. Mac has not spoken to Lent since that conversation,” the email from the representative said. “Lent last played with Mac in January 2020.

How do I access a maven repository?

1) Just run command mvn –version . Go to maven installation directory and view the content of settings. xml file under conf folder. It should tell you which maven central repository is being used.

How do I delete multiple imported photos on my Mac?

To select multiple photos, hold the Command key down while you click on images. Press the Delete key on your keyboard or right-click and select Delete Photo. Click Delete. Your images are now deleted from your computer as well as all other devices connected to your iCloud account.

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