How do i remove messages from my mac?

How do i remove messages from my mac? Delete a conversation: Select a conversation, then choose File > Delete Conversation. Or if you have a trackpad or Magic Mouse, you can also swipe left with two fingers on the conversation in the sidebar, then click the Delete button .

How do I delete Messages from my Mac but not my Iphone? To remove messages permanently from your Mac but leave them on your other devices, you’ll have to disable Messages in iCloud. If you leave it enabled, the messages you delete will be removed from all the devices synced with your AppleID.

What format does Mac and PC use? One hurdle you’ll face is that, by default, these platforms use different filesystems. Windows uses NTFS while Mac OS uses HFS, and they’re incompatible with each other. However, you can format the drive to work with both Windows and Mac by using the exFAT filesystem.

Does Mac use NTFS or exFAT? Once you’ve bought a new external storage drive, connect it to your Mac. It’s likely formatted for Windows (using NTFS) or maximum compatibility (using FAT32). For a Mac user, neither of these file systems is desirable.

How To Delete Messages on Macbook (2021)

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Why has my mac started running slow?

If you find your Mac is running slowly, there are a number of potential causes that you can check. Your computer’s startup disk may not have enough free disk space. To make disk space available, you can move files to another disk or an external storage device, then delete files you no longer need on the startup disk.

Where is file browser on mac?

It includes the Finder menu bar at the top of the screen and the desktop below that. It uses windows and icons to show you the contents of your Mac, iCloud Drive and other storage devices. It’s called the Finder because it helps you to find and organise your files.

How to see what’s in your network drive in mac?

On your Mac, click the Finder icon in the Dock to open a Finder window, then click Network in the Locations section of the sidebar.

How to delete an app on mac that is open?

Press and hold the Option (⌥) key, or click and hold any app until the apps jiggle. Click Delete button next to the app that you want to delete, then click Delete to confirm. The app is deleted immediately. Apps that don’t show either didn’t come from the App Store or are required by your Mac.

How to highlight in pdf mac?

Click the “Markup” button on the top toolbar to expand the submenu. Then select the “Highlight” icon and select any text you want to markup in the PDF document. You can choose any highlight color you want and then draw on the text to highlight it with that color.

Do imessage photos save to mac?

In the Messages app on your Mac, select a conversation, then click the Details button in the top-right corner. Click Download at the bottom of Details view. If you don’t see Download, all your photos and videos are downloaded (or currently downloading) to your Mac.

Can my mac run bioshock infinite?

The official system requirements are a Mac running OS X 10.8. 3 or later, 2.2 GHz CPU speed, 4 GB of RAM, 512 MB of video RAM and 30GB of free disk space. The game itself is a 17.9 GB download. The minimum video card requirements are a Radeon HD 3870 or a GeForce 640M graphics card.

Can i change my ip address on a mac?

MacOS: Go to System Preferences and click Network. Click Network Connection, then click Configure IPv4. Select Manually and type in whatever IP you’ve chosen.

When adding mail account to mac it says inactive?

Turn on accounts in Mail: Choose Mail > Preferences, click Accounts, select the inactive account, click Account Information, then select “Enable this account.” Turn on accounts in System Preferences: Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Internet Accounts , select an account, then select the Mail checkbox.

Why isn’t my mic working on microsoft teams on mac?

Check for updates. If you’re having trouble hearing sound from your microphone, first make sure you have the latest Windows update or Mac OS updateand Teams app version installed. To check for updates in Teams, go to your profile picture in the upper-right of the Teams app and select Check for updates.

Why does my wifi keep disconnecting on mac?

There are three main reasons why Wi-Fi stops working: there’s a problem with your router, your broadband provider’s network is down, or there’s an issue with your own Wi-Fi network. Less commonly, there may be an issue with the macOS software you’re running.

How do i find out what processor my mac has?

Choose Apple menu  > About This Mac. This opens an overview of your Mac, including your Mac model, processor, memory, serial number, and version of macOS. To see the greater detail provided by the System Information app, click the System Report button.

Do iMessage photos get saved on Mac?

When you use Messages in iCloud, all your messages—including photos and videos you send and receive—are stored in iCloud. If the photos and videos for a conversation haven’t downloaded from iCloud to your Mac, you can download them manually.

Can BioShock Infinite run on laptop?

To run “BioShock Infinite” your laptop needs to have at least the following specs: a 2.4-GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of RAM, 20GB of storage and an Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics chip with 512MB of RAM.

Where do iMessage photos get stored on Mac?

Your messages and photos, videos, or any other attachments automatically sync and store in ~/Library/Messages/Archives and ~/Library/Messages/Attachments.

Where is Origin cache on Mac?

Type: /Library/Application Support. (Note that this is the main Library folder on your Mac and not your user library folder).

How do I turn on my microphone for teams on Mac?

Click the Apple icon on the upper left hand corner of your Mac to access System Preferences. Select Security & Privacy. On the Privacy tab, select Screen Recording and check the box next to Microsoft Teams (or Zoom). Repeat these steps for Microphone, Camera and Accessibility.

How do I know my device is intune ID?

Select Devices > All devices > select one of your listed devices to open its details: Overview shows the device name, and lists some key properties of the device, like whether it’s a personal or corporate device, serial number, primary user, and more.

How do I get a new browser on my Mac?

From the Apple menu  in the corner of your screen, choose System Preferences. In the System Preferences window, click Software Update. If your System Preferences doesn’t include Software Update, use the App Store to get updates instead. Install any updates or upgrades shown.

How do I turn on the Preview pane in Mac Mail?

If you don’t see that column, first be sure to select Mail’s View menu > Show Side Preview. A checkmark should appear adjacent to it, like so: If that selection is as shown, yet you still don’t see the Side Preview column, then proceed as follows. When it does, drag that cursor to the left.

How do I see what is connected to my network drive?

To check the path of a network drive using File Explorer, click on ‘This PC’ on the left panel in Explorer. Then double-click the mapped drive under ‘Network Locations’. The path of the mapped network drive can be seen at the top.

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