How to change the icon of a file on mac?

How to change the icon of a file on mac? On your Mac, select the file or folder. Choose File > Get Info in the menu bar. At the top of the Info window, select the small custom icon. Make sure you click the small icon at the top of the Info window (not the large icon under Preview).

Can I use Adobe Acrobat Pro on a Mac? You need macOS version 10.13 or later to run Acrobat Reader DC. If your operating system is older, you can install an earlier version of Reader. For step-by-step instructions, see Install an older version of Adobe Reader on Mac OS.

Does MAC do discount? One of the most popular UK discount codes on the MAC website is the 10% student discount. Simply sign up online and confirm your student status and you’ll receive a permanent and unique 10% code.

Can you play a Windows game on a Mac? You can play most Windows games on your Mac, but it’s more complicated than just installing your favorite game and running it. If your Mac supports it, the best way to play Windows games on a Mac is to use Bootcamp to install Windows on your Mac.

How to Change Mac Folder Icons | Custom Mac Desktop Folders Tutorial

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Where can I download original Doom?

“Doom” is still a licensed game and the only way to legally play it is by paying for and downloading the game from

Is there Active Directory for Mac?

You can use the Active Directory connector (in the Services pane of Directory Utility) to configure your Mac to access basic user account information in an Active Directory domain of a Windows 2000 or later server.

Is Dauntless really free-to-play?

Dauntless is free to play, with cosmetic microtransactions. Each season of Dauntless also has a Hunt Pass — much like Fortnite’s Battle Pass — that rewards players for progress and offers unique rewards every few months.

What video format is best for Apple?

Apple’s preferred format, MP4 can play on most other devices as well. It uses the MPEG-4 encoding algorithm to store video and audio files and text, but it offers lower definition than some others. MP4 works well for videos posted on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Can I install Mojave on my 2020 MacBook Pro?

No, you cannot downgrade the model of MacBook that you have to run macOS Mojave. The oldest supported version of macOS for your model of MacBoo is macOS Catalina 10.15.

What is the MAC address used for IPv4 multicast?

IPv4 multicast packets are delivered using the Ethernet MAC address range 01:00:5E:00:00:00 through 01:00:5E:7F:FF:FF (with an OUI owned by the IANA). This range has 23 bits of available address space. The first octet (01) includes the broadcast/multicast bit.

How much does a Big Mac combo cost in Florida?

The price of Combo meal in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar) in Orlando, Florida is $9.

Why is my PDF cut in half?

The issue could be solved by changing the default page size of Adobe PDF Printer from the Advanced button inside print dialog. One needs to set page size and margin as per the requirement. By default, pages are set to size “Letter”.

How long does it take to charge mouse on Mac?

“Magic Mouse 2 is said to charge up for 9 hours of use in about 2 minutes and about a month’s worth of use in just a couple hours.”

How do you delete an extra page in word?

Click the extra blank page to select it and hit the DELETE button on your keyboard to remove it. You can also remove this extra blank page by simply pressing the BACKSPACE key.

What computer do you need for computer science?

The minimum requirements for a computer science program would be an Intel i3 processor or something equivalent, 8 GB of RAM, 256 GB SSD Hard drive, WiFi enabled, Windows 10 or equivalent Mac OS and Virtual machine capabilities. If you already have a computer that satisfies those requirements, then you should be fine.

What video format plays on Mac?

The best video format for Mac is MOV – a native format for QuickTime Player. MOV files are supported even on older versions of macOS. Newer versions also support MP4’s MPEG-4 and H. 264 codecs.

Is Dauntless free world?

The free-to-play game has been around for quite some time (we reviewed it all the way back in early access, much has changed since then) and today Dauntless adds an open world experience to the game with the launch of Dauntless Reforged.

Is it better to program on a Mac or PC?

windows is best for programming since the operating systems offer similar features compatibility with other peripheral software. Gone are the days of a Macbook being an exclusive status symbol. Though the price may suggest it, Macbooks are relatively common in programming.

How do I delete a page in word that won’t delete Mac?

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click once while holding the Shift key on your keyboard. This will select everything on the page. Press the backspace key or the delete key once to remove all contents and delete the page. This should help you remove the page from your document.

Does an iMac have an internal speaker?

They are quite good. If you’re not an audiophile, you might find that the built-in speakers are good enough. I’m not sure if the speakers are better on the 27″. Back in the old iMac days, 17″ and 20″ had the same speakers.

Is Spotify available on Macbook?

And because Spotify is available for Mac, you can rely on quality music at the tip of your fingers. If you have yet to download the digital music service, you’re in for a treat. Spotify offers its music choices for free for users with the app.

Will VST Plug-Ins work on a Mac?

Live on Mac supports both the Audio Unit (AU) and VST2 and VST3 (10.1 and later) formats. Which format you choose to use is up to you, bearing in mind the following tips: If sharing projects with Windows users, it’s better to use VST.

Is Dauntless free on laptop?

Dauntless, the free-to-play monster slayer, has launched on the Epic Games Store and consoles today, and the good news is that it doesn’t really matter where you get the game, you’ll be able to play with everyone else and keep your progress.

How to stop traceroute on mac?

To stop a traceroute any time, just hit the Control + C keys on your keyboard at the same time.

Can i talk to type on mac?

Mac Laptops and Desktops have an in-built tool called Dictation that allows you to write up documents with your voice. Its key feature is: You can generate text from your voice easily on a Mac laptop or Desktop. When you switch this feature, you can speak out your written notes and convert them into a document.

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