How to long dash on mac?

How to long dash on mac? How to type an em dash on macOS. As long as you have a compatible or built-in keyboard with your Mac or MacBook, typing an em dash is very easy. Just press Option + Shift + the minus sign key (next to 0 at the top of your keyboard) to produce a —.

How do I connect my Mac to a monitor with HDMI? If your Mac has an HDMI port, you can connect directly to HDMI with an HDMI cable. If your Mac has USB-C ports, you can connect to HDMI with an adapter, like the Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter. If your Mac has Mini DisplayPort, you can connect to HDMI with a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter or cable.

Why can’t I sign out of iCloud on Mac? If you’re not online, it may not be possible to sign out. Turn off an iCloud backup. If your Mac is currently using iCloud backup services, you won’t be able to sign out while it’s busy updating anything. Switch it off or wait for the backup to finish.

Can you sign out of iCloud on Mac? Choose Overview from the panel on the left and click Sign Out on the bottom. You may be asked to keep a copy of your iCloud data before you log out. Click Keep a Copy if you want this to happen. This means that even after you log out of iCloud, data from iCloud’s services will still be available on your Mac.

How and When To Type En and Em Dashes On a Mac (MacMost #1847)

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Where is audio midi setup mac?

In the Audio MIDI Setup app on your Mac, choose Window > Show MIDI Studio. In the MIDI Studio window, click the Choose MIDI Configuration pop-up menu (it may show Default), then choose the configuration you want to view.

Is bssid same as mac address?

The BSSID is the MAC address of the radio interface the client device is currently connected to. This can help determine exactly which access point the client device is connected to. Keep in mind that each access point has a range of MAC addresses assigned to it.

How to find my mac model number?

From the Apple menu  in the corner of your screen, choose About This Mac. You should see an overview of your Mac, including its model name and serial number.

Is cuphead on the mac?

Now, at long last, the day has finally arrived to make good on our promise: Cuphead is available on Mac, via Steam and GOG.

What is ctrl alt v on a mac?

From Apple Keyboard Shortcuts: Option-Shift-Command-V: Paste and Match Style: Apply the style of the surrounding content to the item pasted within that content.

How did toby mac son die?

TobyMac’s son died of an accidental overdose of fentanyl and amphetamines, Davidson County autopsy and toxicology results show. Truett Foster McKeehan, the Christian rapper’s 21-year-old son, died Oct.

Where does mac store google chrome data?

Mac OS X. The default location is in the Application Support folder: [Chrome] ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome.

Is BSSID and SSID the same?

The BSSID is the MAC address of the corresponding WAP used to describe sections of a WLAN. The BSSID uniquely identifies the access point’s radio using a MAC address, while the SSID is the name of the network that allows devices to connect.

Why can I not turn on FaceTime Photos?

If your Camera or FaceTime apps are restricted, you won’t be able to take pictures during a FaceTime call, which also means you won’t be able to save them. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions > Allowed Apps > make sure both FaceTime and Camera are enabled.

Does command’s save on a Mac?

Command-S: Save the current document. Command-T: Open a new tab. Command-W: Close the front window. To close all windows of the app, press Option-Command-W.

Why can’t I AirDrop from iPad to mac?

If your AirDrop isn’t working on iPhone, iPad, or Mac, first check that Bluetooth is turned on. To fix an AirDrop connection, also make sure that both devices are discoverable. To get AirDrop working on a Mac, you may need to adjust your firewall settings.

Which Mac should I buy right now?

Our top choices are the MacBook Air (M1, 2020), 24-inch iMac (2021), and the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro (2021). In addition, the Mac mini (2020), Mac Studio (2022), and 13-inch MacBook Pro (2020) are also superb choices that target different users.

Where do FaceTime Photos go on a Mac?

You can find Mac’s FaceTime live pictures in the photos library by default. You can click on the Photos app to view the snaps then the photos button. Afterward, choose the photos tab to open all the pictures in your library.

How do I get my Mac to recognize my printer?

Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, then click Printers & Scanners. Select your printer in the list. If the printer isn’t listed, click the Add button , select your printer, then click Add.

How do you soft reset a Mac?

Shut down your Mac, then turn it on and immediately press and hold these four keys together: Option, Command, P, and R. You can release the keys after about 20 seconds, during which your Mac might appear to restart. On Mac computers that play a startup sound, you can release the keys after the second startup sound.

How do I boot my Mac into recovery mode?

Reboot your Mac. Hold down Option/Alt-Command-R or Shift-Option/Alt-Command-R to force your Mac to boot into macOS Recovery Mode over the internet. This should boot the Mac into Recovery Mode.

What does Alt Ctrl V do?

One of the most useful variants in Microsoft Office is Ctrl-Alt-V, which is a “smart paste” command. This pops up a box that lets you choose how you want to paste in the contents of the clipboard. The options can include unformatted text, or text in RTF, HTML or Unicode formats.

Should I enable wireless MAC Filtering on my router?

Some people actually enjoy this sort of management on some level. But MAC address filtering provides no real boost to your Wi-Fi security, so you shouldn’t feel compelled to use it. Most people shouldn’t bother with MAC address filtering, and — if they do — should know it’s not really a security feature.

Is SSID same as MAC address?

BSSID is the MAC address of the AP’s radio for that service set. SSID is the service set identifier or network name for the basic service set(BSS). ESSID is the same as the SSID but is used across multiple access points as part of the same WLAN.

What happened Mac Tools?

The company’s name was changed in 1961 to the now familiar Mac Tools from its earlier name, Mechanics Tool and Forge Company. In 1980, Mac Tools was bought by the Stanley Works, and is now part of a group of brands including Stanley Tools, Proto, Facom, and Blackhawk a subsidiary of Proto Tools.

How do you customize the ribbon on a Mac?

Choose View > Customize Toolbar (from the View menu at the top of your screen, not from the View button in the toolbar). Do any of the following: Add or remove items from the toolbar: Drag an item to the toolbar to add it. Drag an item away from the toolbar to remove it.

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