Is popcorn ceiling a good idea?

Is popcorn ceiling a good idea? Depending on the look you want to achieve, popcorn ceilings can either be seen as outdated or well-suited to the interior of your home. … That said, one great benefit (then, and now) is that they hide imperfections, cracks, and scuff marks a lot better than regular, smooth ceilings.

What’s so bad about popcorn ceilings? The main issue with popcorn ceilings is that they contain asbestos. Homes built before the 1970s likely have popcorn ceilings that contain asbestos. … However, the ban did not state that asbestos-containing popcorn texture could not be used. This meant that there were many who still utilized it well into the 1980s.

Do popcorn ceilings devalue a home? In short, removing a popcorn ceiling can increase your home value. However, particular circumstances can affect its impact. Removing popcorn ceilings from a smaller home may not be a good use of renovation money. As long as it’s in good condition, a fresh coat of paint may be the better option due to cost.

Should I worry about popcorn ceiling? However, popcorn ceilings are constructed from highly friable (crumbly) materials, and even the slightest disturbance can release toxic asbestos dust into the air. If inhaled, asbestos dust can lead to serious health issues, such as chronic coughing, shortness of breath, asbestosis, mesothelioma, and even lung cancer.

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Why ceiling form lines?

It occurs when soot and dust particles stick to the ceiling. Over time, these particles cause a permanent stain. … The colder temperature leads to condensation, which causes the soot and dust particles to stick. Notice the perfectly straight lines.

How to change code on hampton bay ceiling fan?

Setting the code is fairly straightforward. To begin, turn the remote over to the back and press firmly below the arrow on the battery cover. Slide the cover off and install a 9-volt battery into the compartment. Set each slide code switch near the battery into a position of your choice.

What is the labor cost to install drop ceiling?

Expect labor to range from $2 to $5 per square foot, or $3.50 per square foot on average, for installation of the grid and tiles. You might pay $240 to $1,200 for labor alone for a 10-foot-by-12-foot, or 120-square-foot, room.

Is false ceiling good?

False ceilings provide a neat, uniform look to interior spaces. … Heating and cooling bills also reduce with false ceiling because air gets trapped between the actual ceiling and false ceiling. The insulating effect created reduces heat in summers and cold in winters.

How to tell if a ceiling is plenum?

In building construction Plenum is a separate space provided for air circulation for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. It is commonly found in the space between the structural ceiling and a drop-down ceiling or under a raised floor.

How to hang a fish bowl from ceiling?

Add a ceiling hook where you want the fish bowl to hang. Slide the hook underneath the top knot, in between the eight pieces of cord. Make sure four pieces of cord are on either side of the hook to hold the hanger in place.

Which way should ceiling fans go in the summer?

During summer months, your ceiling fan blades should be set to spin counterclockwise. When your ceiling fan spins quickly in this direction, it pushes air down and creates a cool breeze. This helps keep a room’s temperature consistent throughout the day and reduces the need for an air conditioner to run constantly.

What causes drywall ceiling to crack?

There are two main causes of ceiling cracks: Structural damage and the natural settling that happens as a building ages. Ceiling cracks can also be caused by poor workmanship. Your home is getting older.

How much to remodel a ceiling?

Installing or replacing a ceiling typically costs $923 and $2,563, or $1,723 on average, depending on what style you want, such as tray, beam and stretch ceilings. It costs $1 to $3 per square foot for basic drywall builds, while coffered ceilings are $20 to $30 per square foot.

Why ventilators are made near the ceiling?

Ventilators are provided near the ceiling of the room because the air in the room gets warmer due to respiration of people present in the room. Warm air being lighter goes up and the ventilators near the ceiling help to remove out this hot air from the room and control its temperature.

How to cover up water stains on ceiling tiles?

Grab a ladder or step stool and don your safety glasses, and spray the effected tiles with a 50/50 solution of bleach and water. Wait 30 minutes or until the tile is dry, and repeat until the stain disappears. You can also apply the solution with a paint roller.

Can i running electrical wire across ceiling joists?

The best way to run wires along ceiling joists is to use a running board, spacing the wires evenly with electrical staples. This is for running wires in the direction of the joists or perpendicular to them. If there is no space, you can bore holes in very specific places to run wires through.

What size plywood to use for ceiling?

Place one sheet of 1/4-inch hardwood plywood across two sawhorses for drywall installation. Place one sheet of 3/8-inch grade A/B plywood for open joist installation. Plywood typically has two sides, A is the premium side. The back, graded B, may have small defects.

What are the light bulbs school uses on the ceilings?

Most of the lighting found in hallways and classrooms is overhead fluorescent lighting that consists of 2′ x 4′ or 2′ x 2′ troffers. The most common bulbs found in these fixtures are linear fluorescent tubes such as T8s or T12s.

Do you really need 10 ft ceiling?

The purpose and dimensions of a room can determine how high the ceiling should be. If you have a mansion with huge rooms, then yes you will want 10 to 12 foot ceilings. Also, great rooms, foyers and dining rooms could require them for lighting, windows, and decorative ceiling moldings.

Why is my bathroom ceiling leaking?

A damaged O-ring, washer, or gasket usually is to blame. A licensed plumber can easily repair it to avoid costly water damage. A clogged drain can also be to blame for water leaking into your ceiling. If the tub pan overflows, the water leaks into the floor/ceiling and is visible from below.

How to get rid of water stains on ceiling?

Cleaning the stained area of the ceiling with a mild homemade bleach solvent (one cup of bleach and three cups of warm water) will fade the stain and remove any lingering mildew, grease, dirt, or dust that can prevent primer and paint from adhering to the ceiling.

How tall are most gym ceilings?

Scientifically speaking height of a gym (commercial type) should be minimum 14 ft and preferably 18 ft with proper ventilation or exhaust facilities.

What is the red wire coming from the ceiling?

What does the red wire do when a ceiling fan is installed? The red wire is the ungrounded (hot wire) conductor of one switch, while the black wire is the ungrounded (hot wire) conductor of the other switch. One switch would energize the red wire in the original installation, causing the fan to turn on.

How far apart are wood ceiling beams usually?

Most customers install wood ceiling beams with a spacing between 2 feet and 8 feet. Four foot spacing is the most common.

What is grg ceiling?

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum (GRG) is a composite consisting of alpha gypsum cement and water, reinforced with glass fibers – an ideal choice as an economical, lightweight, and durable replacement for traditional plaster.

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