What happens mac when you reinstall osx?

What happens mac when you reinstall osx? When you install macOS from Recovery, you’ll get the current version of the most recently installed macOS, with some exceptions: On an Intel-based Mac, you can use Shift-Option-Command-R during the startup process to be offered the macOS that came with your Mac, or the closest version still available.

Does reinstalling OSX erase everything? Reinstalling macOS from the recovery menu does not erase your data. However, if there is a corruption issue, your data may be corrupted as well, its really hard to tell.

What does a reinstall of macOS do? macOS Recovery keeps your files and user settings intact when reinstalling. Important: Your computer must be connected to the internet to reinstall macOS.

How do I remove Xfinity WiFi from my Mac? Scroll down to Xfinity WiFi Hotspot Connected Devices and click Manage Devices. Click Rename to edit your device name. Click Remove to remove your device from the list of registered devices. A confirmation message will appear.

How to reinstall macOS from macOS Recovery Apple Support

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Can i use my mac as a monitor?

Yes, you can use the iMac as a monitor for a PC as long as the iMac offers a target display mode and the Thunderbolt port or the Mini DisplayPort.

Why doesn’t mac remove my pictures?

When you remove photos from My Photo Stream, the following types of photo won’t be deleted: Photos that you’ve copied to the Library tab or Recents Album on your iOS device. Photos that you’ve imported into the Photos app. Photos that you’ve copied into a folder on your PC that aren’t part of My Photo Stream.

Where are my scanned documents on mac?

By default, scanned images, documents, etc. are saved automatically in the Pictures folder on your Mac. This location can also be User-Specified in the Save in section of the Save Settings.

Is microsoft access available on mac?

No, Access is not included in Office for the MAC and will not work under MAC OS. the only way for a MAC user to open an Access file is to dual boot to Windows on their MAC.

How to save something as a doc on mac?

You can save a document at any time. Save a document: In a document, choose File > Save, enter a name, choose where to save the document (to show more locations, click the down arrow button ), then click Save.

Do a mail merge in outlook for mac?

Go to Mailings > Preview Results to see how the email messages look. Use the left and right arrow buttons on the Mailings tab, to scroll through each email message. Select Preview Results again to add or remove merge fields. When ready, go to Mailings > Finish & Merge > Merge to E-Mail.

Where is normal dotm stored on mac?

You will find the locaiton of your Normal template in Word Preferences, File Location Preferences. The location is the entry for User Templates. You can double-click that entry or click the Modify button to open the folder that contains your Normal template.

What is child count on mac?

Child count is the number of partitions which are hidden from view and partitions are basically is when a hard drive is divided into different parts.

What is the mac address of my vizio tv?

Step 1: Press the Menu button on your remote. Step 2: Select System. Step 3: Select System Information. Step 4: Your RJ45 (wired/Ethernet) and WLAN (Wi‐Fi) MAC Addresses will be listed here.

Where are photos stored on mac air?

By default, the System Photo Library is located in the Pictures folder on your Mac. You can also create additional photo libraries on your Mac and on other storage devices. You should always use the Photos app to access the photos in a Photos library.

Why does it keep saying Microsoft not responding?

You’ll most often encounter a “Microsoft Word is not responding” message for one of several reasons: A failure to open, save, or access a document hosted on a remote server, often arising from a server timeout. A damaged program file. An incompatible add-in.

What are the automated underwriting system?

Automated underwriting is a technology-driven underwriting process that provides a computer generated loan decision. The lending industry is broadly migrating to the use of new technology-driven loan underwriting platforms to improve the processing time for all types of loans.

How do you save a document as a doc on a Mac?

On the File menu, click Save As. In the Save As box, type a name for the document. In the Format pop-up menu, select Word 97-2004 Document (. doc), and then click Save.

How can I turn my iMac into a monitor?

Then, once that you have connected all of the cables where it is supposed to be connected, you can now turn on both your iMac and your PC while holding down the keys Cmd + F2 or Cmd +Fn + F2 on your iMac device’s keyboard. This way, you will be able to open up the Target Display Mode.

Why can’t I delete photos on my iPhone from my Mac?

Most of the time, you can’t delete photos on your iPhone because they’re synced to another device. If your photos are synced to your computer with iTunes or Finder, they can only be deleted when connecting your iPhone to your computer. If this isn’t the case, then iCloud Photos might be turned on.

Can you Mail Merge directly from Outlook?

Starting a Mail Merge from within Outlook is the easiest method if all the people who you want to include are already in a Contacts folder in Outlook. In this mail merge example we will send a select amount of contacts an email and ask them whether their contact information is correct.

Should I format in exFAT?

Assuming that every device you want to use the drive with supports exFAT, you should format your device with exFAT instead of FAT32. NTFS is ideal for internal drives, while exFAT is generally ideal for flash drives.

How long will mac and cheese last in refrigerator?

Properly stored, cooked macaroni and cheese will last for 3 to 5 days in the refrigerator. To further extend the shelf life of cooked macaroni and cheese, freeze it; freeze in covered airtight containers or heavy-duty freezer bags.

Who makes Mac knuckle savers?

Following extensive research with professional technicians, Mac Tools is excited to announce the launch of a new Knuckle Saver Wrench with design enhancements that offer greater performance and comfort.

How long is mac and cheese good for after the best by date?

A well-sealed pack of mac and cheese remains good to be used for up to 2 years. Even when you have the packets with an expiry date long passed, instead of throwing, check and see if it is dry and fresh from inside. If it looks all dry and fresh, then it won’t taste bad as well.

Why is my Mac system using so much GB?

The Downloads folder is where you store the files you download. If you’ve been using your Mac for a while, your Downloads folder can get pretty big. And the files in it can pile up your System Data. Therefore, it’s a good idea to clear the Downloads folder often.

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