What is a mac thunderbolt?

What is a mac thunderbolt? You can use the Thunderbolt port on your Mac to connect a display, a TV or a device, such as an external storage device. And with the appropriate adapter, you can connect your Mac to a display that uses DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, HDMI or VGA.

How do I make a Mac recovery disk? To create the bootable installer, plug the USB drive into your current Mac. Click the Go menu and select Utilities. Open Disk Utility, select the USB drive, and click the Erase icon. You can name the USB drive if you wish.

Do I need a disc to reinstall macOS? Because macOS is normally installed via Software Update (or previously the Mac App Store) there are no physical installation disks, therefore Apple has made it possible to install the operating system over the internet using the Recovery HD.

Can I close my Mac lid while updating? Never close lid, put laptop to sleep or shut power off while updating. 1. Click on Apple icon in top left and select “About this Mac”.

What’s the difference between Thunderbolt 3 and USB-C?

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Can you lock photos on mac?

How to lock Photos on Mac? The Photos app is a built-in macOS app designed for photo management. If you want to prevent others from seeing your photos in the app, you can lock the Photos app.

What is a disk on mac?

Your Mac has an internal disk, which is a storage device that contains the apps and information used by your Mac. Some Mac computers have additional internal disks or connected external disks.

Can fall guys work on mac?

Currently, there is no compatible version of Fall Guys available for the Mac operating system at the time of writing. The game has been published exclusively for the PC and PlayStation 4 platforms by Mediatonic and Devolver Digital.

Why can i not hear through my headphones on mac?

Unplug any headphones or external speakers. On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Sound , then click Output. Make sure “Internal Speakers” is selected, the “Output volume” slider is not all the way to the left, and the Mute tick box is not selected.

Why is my airplay icon not showing on my mac?

The most common reason for not seeing the AirPlay feature on your Mac is your display settings or WiFi problems. To fix this simply restart your WiFi connection, and activate the Show mirroring options in the menu bar when the available option is found inside the System Preferences, in the Display settings.

Can mac run an exe file?

Since Mac computers use a different operating system than Windows computers, EXE files aren’t compatible with Mac devices. This means if you have a Mac device and want to open an EXE file to install a piece of software, there are some additional steps you need to take.

How much is a big mac in the netherlands?

The Netherlands, $4.50. For $4.50 your Big Mac from the Netherlands will actually go a long way. In the Netherland’s, McDonald’s places a huge importance on the community and environment, so their heftier prices are justifiable as all their waste is recycled or recovered and processed into napkins and placemats.

Why can’t i open a pdf on my mac?

Click the PDF file’s icon in the Finder to select it. Choose File > Get Info. Click the triangle next to Open With, and choose Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Acrobat from the pop-up list (if your preference is not on the list, choose Other to select it).

Where to find my image captures on mac?

Click the magnifying glass icon at the right of the menu bar (or press Command + Spacebar on the keyboard). Now type Image Capture. The Image Capture app should appear in your search results.

How to screen record on mac laptop?

In the QuickTime Player app on your Mac, choose File > New Screen Recording to open Screenshot and display the tools. You can click Options to control what you record — for example, you can set the location where you want to save your screen recording, or include the pointer or clicks in the screen recording.

How can i play sims on mac?

To play Sims 4 on Mac, first, download and install the EA Games’ Origin app on your Mac, open it, and enter your account. Next, search for the game, purchase it, and download it to be able to play Sims 4 on your Mac.

Where is mac photo library stored?

Simply put, the photo files on Mac OS are stored here: ~/Pictures/Photos Library. photoslibrary/Masters/. You should remember that the symbol ~ shows your home directory. Therefore, if you intend to use the Go To Folder option to navigate through this directory, you should always use the prefix ~.

How to turn on location services on mac?

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Security & Privacy , then click Privacy. If the lock at the bottom left is locked , click it to unlock the preference pane. Click Location Services on the left. Select Enable Location Services, then select Find My in the list of apps.

Why is mac running slow after sierra update?

A major reason for your slow Mac after its High Sierra update is that numerous applications are running simultaneously to consume vital CPU space so that the system slows down. When some applications run actively, others run in the background and also consume considerable space.

How to change what opens at startup mac?

Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items for a list of apps set to launch on startup. To remove a specific app, highlight it and click the minus button under the list. If you prefer, certain apps can be set to launch at startup without necessarily popping up onto the screen.

How often should i update my mac?

Given the pace of innovation and the wear and tear you’ll put on your notebook, we suggest updating your MacBook Air more often than your iPad: Every three years should be right for most people.

What is keychain password in mac?

A keychain password is the master password for your Mac’s “Keychain Access” app, which stores your login information for websites and accounts across the internet. When you attempt to log into one of these websites, your Mac might ask you for the keychain password, in order to retrieve your login information.

What is a mac computer used for?

Macs are capable of all the same general functions as PCs, such as word processing, playing music and videos, games, accessing the internet, and more. Most features require different programs than those on a PC, however. Apple Macs have a number of advantages over PCs.

Where is my mac webcam?

Many Mac computers have a built-in FaceTime or FaceTime HD camera located near the top edge of the screen. The camera automatically turns on when you open an app — such as FaceTime or Photo Booth — or use a feature — such as Markup or head pointer — that can use the camera.

When will new mac book pro come out?

We expect the new MacBook Pro to come out in autumn 2022, although WWDC in June remains a possibility. The question of when the new MacBook Pro will launch is really a question of when Apple will have finished development of the M2, as the M2 chip is the one most likely to reside within this new model.

Where is the Mac Pro assembled?

Apple’s ‘Assembled in USA’ Mac Pro is made in China for international customers. It’s been an interesting journey for Apple as it has figured out its manufacturing plans for the new Mac Pro.

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