What is the most expensive service provided by local government?

What is the most expensive service provided by local government? education and welfare assistance, build and maintain roads and highways, and protect public health and safety. – Authorities deliver these services directly through State agencies and through the many forms of local government in each State. Public education is the most expensive item in every State budget.

What do local governments spend the most money on? State and local governments spend most of their resources on education, health, and social service programs. In 2018, about one-third of state and local spending went toward combined elementary and secondary education (21 percent) and higher education (9 percent).

What are functional expenses on 990? The Statement of Functional Expenses (Part IX, page 10) is where you must report the details of your organization’s expenses and indicate whether those expenses were used for program services, management and general or fundraising purposes.

Why is natural gas prices so high? U.S. natural gas prices have risen in recent months due to a cold 2020-21 winter, persistently strong power sector demand during a warmer than average summer, weak hydropower output in the western U.S., a busier-than-usual nuclear maintenance schedule and relatively modest new production growth.

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Is plan b expensive?

How Much Does Plan B Cost? Plan B One-Step usually costs about $40-$50. Generics like Take Action, My Way, Option 2, Preventeza, My Choice, Aftera, and EContra generally cost less — about $11-$45. You can also order a generic brand called AfterPill online for $20 + $5 shipping.

Why is bitcoin more expensive on coinbase?

Coinbase may charge fees when you buy, sell, or convert cryptocurrencies. Fees are calculated at the time you place your order and may be determined by a combination of factors including the selected payment method, the size of the order, and market conditions such as volatility and liquidity.

What are eligible moving expenses?

Deductible Moving Expenses – You can deduct expenses that are reasonable for the circumstances of your move. Your eligible moving expenses include household goods, personal effects, storage and traveling expenses (including lodging) to your new home.

Are tax payments an expense?

The tax expense is what an entity has determined is owed in taxes based on standard business accounting rules. This charge is reported on the income statement. The tax payable is the actual amount owed in taxes based on the rules of the tax code.

Is star anise expensive?

Star Anise is sold whole, in pieces, and ground into a powder. Packages of whole star anise can be expensive, since it takes a lot of work to gather the spice and keep its shape intact. … You can usually find this spice at most grocery stores these days.

Can you claim expenses without income business?

You can either deduct or amortize start-up expenses once your business begins rather than filing business taxes with no income. If you were actively engaged in your trade or business but didn’t receive income, then you should file and claim your expenses.

Can private student loans be used for living expenses?

You can also use student loans for living expenses. … Both federal and private loans are disbursed directly to your school, which takes out tuition, fees and room and board if you live on campus. Any remaining funds from the loan will be distributed to you, according to your school’s policy.

What expense is mortgage?

A mortgage cost is largely made up of loan interest and principal payments. Some mortgages also have escrow accounts that pay out property taxes and mortgage insurance (PMI). However, other ongoing home expenses must be factored into affording a home.

Why are diners so expensive?

Eating out at full-service restaurants is getting more expensive. … Experts point to restaurants’ increased expenses – like labor, rent and insurance – as the reason they’re charging customers more. Some patrons have begun to cut back on how often they dine out.

Can you claim cell phone expenses on your taxes?

Cellphones are a legitimate deductible expense if you’re self-employed and use the phone for business. It’s recommended that you obtain an itemized bill to prove it. However, the “unreimbursed business expense” deduction for using a personal cellphone for work has been eliminated.

Why are beef oxtails expensive?

Traditionally, oxtail came from an ox. Those who had access to oxen would butcher them and then harvest their meat. … Otherwise, they’re unable to use that part of the meat which is wasteful. This makes oxtail expensive because it requires more effort on the part of farmers to make a high-quality oxtail.

What is the most expensive milk shake?

The most expensive milkshake is the LUXE Milkshake which is sold for $100 (£75.05; €85.60) at Serendipity 3 and made in partnership with Swarovski® and the Crystal Ninja in New York, New York, USA, as of 1 June 2018.

Are lease vehicles capital expenses?

Key Takeaways. Capital leases transfer ownership to the lessee while operating leases usually keep ownership with the lessor. For accounting purposes, short-term leases under 12 months in length are treated as expenses and longer-term leases are capitalized as assets.

Are medical expenses covered in a pain and suffering settlement?

Your settlement in a lawsuit will likely be higher than your actual medical bills. This means that not only will your medical expenses be paid, but you will also receive payment for other damages, including pain and suffering.

Are travel expenses fully tax deductible?

On a business trip, you can deduct 100% of the cost of travel to your destination, whether that’s a plane, train, or bus ticket. If you rent a car to get there, and to get around, that cost is deductible, too.

Are selling expenses factory overhead?

Since the costs and expenses relating to a company’s administrative, selling, and financing functions are not considered to be part of manufacturing overhead, they are not reported as part of the final product cost on financial statements.

Is recycled paper more expensive?

Although recycled paper is more expensive, many advocates of recycled paper point out the benefits of using non-virgin paper: Less water, energy, bleach, and chemicals are used during paper production.

How expensive are senior apartments?

Average cost of assisted living nationwide: The median price for a one-bedroom assisted living apartment with a single occupant is $3,628 per month in 2016. Average fees increase annually.

Why are golf courses so expensive?

Golf is expensive to play because you need a full set of golf clubs with additional accessories such as balls, tees, towels, and markers. Plus, there is the extra cost of specialist golf clothing and course membership fees which can run into hundreds or thousands of dollars every year.

What is fixed selling expenses?

Fixed expenses or costs are those that do not fluctuate with changes in production level or sales volume. They include such expenses as rent, insurance, dues and subscriptions, equipment leases, payments on loans, depreciation, management salaries, and advertising.

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