What size amp hammer drill for drilling concrete?

What size amp hammer drill for drilling concrete? $50 to $100 Hammer drills in this price range have motors with 6 to 8 amps. Good for drilling holes up to 1/2 in. in block, mortar, brick and other light masonry. These drills will also bore into concrete, but slowly.

What kind of hammer drill do I need for concrete? For excellent cut quality in concrete, choose either the Masonry Carbide Tipped SDS PLUS Drill Bits or Masonry Carbide Tipped SDS MAX Drill Bits. People tend to use hammer drills to drill holes for plastic anchors or to create a hole to feed wires through.

Which drill is best for drilling concrete? The best drill for concrete today is one of two tools: A hammer drill or a rotary hammer. They both do essentially the same thing but are vastly different tools.

How much power does a drill need for concrete? When drilling through concrete, the bigger the battery, the better. Go for an 18 or 20 volt battery, instead of the smaller 12-14 volt alternative. Generally, most cordless drills come with two batteries, so you can always charge one while the other is in use.

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Can you use self leveling concrete over wood?

Once the plywood subfloor is covered, just apply the finish you want to achieve the desired look. … You can also use self-leveling concrete on plywood as an underlayment for other types of floor coverings, such as carpet or tile.

Why do they cut lines in concrete?

To prevent sidewalks from cracking in random spots and breaking apart, builders make lines in sidewalks. … The technical term for sidewalk lines is contraction joints. Contraction joints are placed in fresh concrete before the concrete dries and has a chance to create its own joints, which we call cracks.

What to use to clean polished concrete floors?

For mopping, use warm water and a microfiber-style wet mop. Cleaners such as Pine-Sol, ammonia, vinegar, or bleach will dull, discolor or etch polished concrete floors and can dull some stained concrete floors.

Can you put astro turf on concrete?

Artificial turf can be installed over almost any surface, even concrete. … It also gives them a higher level of traction in some cases, than working out on bare concrete. Playing On Concrete. Artificial grass on concrete is an excellent option for play areas, patios and any other areas where children play.

How to clean textured concrete?

Mix a gallon of warm water with 2 or 3 ounces of trisodium phosphate and pour it directly over any difficult stains on your concrete. Use your wire brush to scrub the concrete surface and then rinse with water. You can find trisodium phosphate, or TSP, for sale in home improvement stores.

How much does one cubic yard of concrete cost?

The average cost of concrete is $117 per cubic yard, with a typical range between $104 and $144 per cubic yard. When you order less than a truckload of concrete, you’ll be charged a short load fee that averages around $43 per cubic yard.

Is calcium chloride safe for concrete?

This is a popular snow-melt product that’s considered one of the best options for concrete. It’s effective at lower temperatures (down to -26 degrees Fahrenheit) and works by breaking the bond between the surface of concrete and ice.

Do water based concrete stains work?

Water-based stains actually work by flowing into the pores of the concrete and then bonding with the cement. It should be noted, however, that water-based stains do not alter the concrete chemically. … Without a sealer being applied, this type of stain could wear away from the concrete.

What is rfi concrete?

Requests for information (RFIs) are commonly used in construction to clarify plans, specifications or other contract documents. Concrete contractors can use RFIs to cite plan or specification requirements that are unclear. … Citing specific portions of plans, specifications or both that are the subject of the request.

Can you put a wood post in concrete?

First rule, gang: Do not set wooden posts in concrete. Look, no matter what preventative steps you take (and I’ll get to those), eventually wooden posts rot, and eventually you’ll have to set new ones. Not only does burying them in concrete make for more work down the line, it actually can speed up the rotting.

What to use as a releasing agent on concrete molds?

Castor oil or petroleum jelly thinned with kerosene, also are good release agents. Concrete forms, even if they are ground, smoothed, and polished, require a release agent to prevent sticking and enable easy stripping. Light-colored petroleum oils or oil emulsions or various types have been used successfully.

Can coral grow on concrete?

Concrete can be made into nearly any shape or size, and lasts a long time under the ocean. Some critics claim that trace metals found in concrete (aka Portland cement) will cause coral disease, but this is never realized in the ocean, and in our experience, corals thrive on these structures.

What kind of concrete for shop floor?

The IRC requires that slabs be built with concrete with compressive strengths from 2500 to 3500 psi, depending on the climate. ACI goes further and recommends 4500-psi concrete for garages floor slab.

How do you make concrete white?

A true-white color can only be achieved using white cement mix. White Titanium Dioxide Pigment can be added to gray concrete mix to create a sleek “ash” look that is popular in modern homes.

Can you put concrete over filler?

You can pour over back fill if you make sure the back fill is completely compacted. Never, under any circumstance, pour concrete without using rebar re enforcement unless it is only a temporary structure.

What is the white residue on concrete?

Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts that can form when water is present in or on brick, concrete, stone, stucco or other building surfaces. It has a white or greyish tint and consists of salt deposits that remain on the surface after water evaporates.

How to fix hairline cracks in concrete?

The most commonly used grout to fill concrete cracks is Portland cement mixed with water. You need to add enough water to make a good quality grout mix. Besides cement grout, you can go with any other filler material or sealant to fill out the cracks.

What is a water stop in concrete construction?

Waterstop is a material that is embedded in the concrete, across the concrete joint, to obstruct the passage of water through the joint. A waterstop installed in concrete joints is an important component of the overall waterproofing design.

How much is concrete in australia?

Expect to pay a cost of around $50 to $75 per square metre for spray-on concrete, $60 to $85 per square metre for plain concrete, $75 to $90 per square metre for coloured concrete and $100 to $150 per square metre for exposed aggregate or a decorative stencilled finish.

How to clean oil off concrete pavers?

Liquid dish soap or laundry detergent will remove most oil stains on pavers. Directly apply the soap to the stain and allow to sit for 20-30 minutes. Then scrub with a nylon bristle brush and rinse with hot water. Repeat this step as needed.

How do abstract nouns and concrete nouns help in writing?

An abstract noun names a quality or an idea. Abstract nouns are nouns that name abstract concepts, or concepts that cannot be experienced with the senses. In contrast, concrete nouns name things that we can know by our senses (mosquito, grass, bacon, etc.)

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