What type of lens would behave like a concave mirror?

what type of lens would behave like a concave mirror? Plane mirrors, convex mirrors, and diverging lenses will never do this. Concave mirrors will do this when the object is in front of C. Converging lenses will only do this when the object is in front of 2F.

Which lens is similar to a concave mirror? A thin Plano-convex lens acts like a concave mirror of focal length 0.2m when silvered from its plane surface.

Is concave mirror the same as convex lens? The main difference between a convex and concave mirror lies in the image formed by the two mirrors, i.e. while convex mirror forms diminished image, the concave mirror either forms an enlarged image or a diminished one, depending upon the position of the object.

What type of lens is a concave? Concave lenses have at least one surface curved inside. A concave lens is also known as a diverging lens because it is shaped round inwards at the centre and bulges outwards through the edges, making the light diverge. They are used to treat myopia as they make faraway objects look smaller than they are.

GCSE Physics – How Lenses Work #69

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can a person’s name influence the way they behave?

Some researchers have found an unusual association between the name of a person and his/her personality. They even go so far as to say that people with the same names seem to have similar personalities. Turner (2009) observes that Levitt (2005) theorizes that one’s name can affect one’s ability to succeed.

should ladies behave 1933?

Should Ladies Behave is a 1933 American pre-Code comedy film directed by Harry Beaumont and written by Bella Spewack and Sam Spewack, adapted from the play, “The Vinegar Tree” by Paul Osborn. The film stars Lionel Barrymore, Alice Brady, Conway Tearle, Katharine Alexander and Mary Carlisle.

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A cat may become aggressive for all kinds of reasons, including illness, overcrowding, lack of socialization, maternal protection, even simple play. To help you deal with aggression between cats: Discuss your cat’s aggression with your vet.

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Men in love tend to feel extra happy, which is also due to what’s going on in the brain. “When a man falls in love, high levels of dopamine — a chemical associated with the brain’s reward center — is released so he will feel a natural high and sense of euphoria,” Schiff says.

Why do gases not behave ideally at high pressures?

In general, real gases approximate this behavior at relatively low pressures and high temperatures. However, at high pressures, the molecules of a gas are crowded closer together, and the amount of empty space between the molecules is reduced.

How does an inductor work in a DC circuit?

In other words, the inductor is a component that allows DC, but not AC, to flow through it. The inductor stores electrical energy in the form of magnetic energy. The inductor does not allow AC to flow through it, but does allow DC to flow through it.

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Huskies are well known for being difficult to train. Huskies are intelligent and independent, which can come across as stubborn. So while your Husky will learn fast during training, you need to be extra careful with your approach to train them properly.

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Behavioral changes can also occur during pregnancy and lactation. These behavioral changes can include: adaptations, depression, stress and anxiety, fatigue and sleep deprivation, and irritability, and can affect activity patterns and energy expenditure, dietary and non-dietary intake, and body weight.

How does a man act when he’s falling in love?

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While it’s fine to talk about the cost of your tattoo, artists can get annoyed when their clients try to haggle for a better price, or say that they plan to go somewhere cheaper. Not only can this be insulting to the artist, but “most ‘cheap’ tattoos reflect their price,” Palomino says.

What do you do when your gelding acts like a stallion?

The easiest way to prevent the behavior is to not turn geldings and mares out together. If this is not an option, a veterinarian can prescribe drugs for the gelding that will make him less anxious when he is separated from “his” mares.

How do you stop bad cat behavior?

Try a quick spritz at your cat if they are somewhere or doing something they shouldn’t be. It’s likely that after a few times, just reaching for the spray bottle deters the bad behavior. Use double-sided tape or aluminum foil: These simple things can be placed on surfaces you don’t want your cat on or scratching.

Why do gases behave so differently than solids and liquids?

The atoms and molecules in gases are much more spread out than in solids or liquids. They vibrate and move freely at high speeds. A gas will fill any container, but if the container is not sealed, the gas will escape. Gas can be compressed much more easily than a liquid or solid.

Is 70 years old considered elderly?

In most cultures, people aged over 70 or 75 years are considered elderly. However, aging is not a disability, and many healthy, active, and independent people don’t consider themselves elderly and feel uncomfortable when others treat them that way.

Who said electrons behave as waves?

In 1924, a French physicist named Louis de Broglie suggested that, like light, electrons could act as both particles and waves (see De Broglie Phase Wave Animation for details).

What was it like for the soldiers at Gallipoli?

Troops lived on a staple diet of tinned bully beef, army biscuits and jam; fresh fruit and vegetables were non-existent. Sanitation was also a problem. With up to 25,000 men packed into such a cramped space, latrines filled up fast and there was limited space for new ones.

How does light display wave like and particle like behavior?

Light always behaves as a particle and waves . So there is no particular time when it can behaves like a particle but not wave and vice versa . Thus light carries both of these two nature(particle and wave) along with it (light)for all time.

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The least effective way to try to correct unwanted behavior is to physically or verbally punish your cat. All this does is make your cat afraid of you and teach him that it’s only safe to do these things when you aren’t around. A better way to correct a cat is to have the environment do the punishing.

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You can absolutely have a healthy, happy relationship with a partner who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The condition may bring both positive and challenging aspects to the relationship, but you can take steps to support your partner and to help them manage their symptoms.

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Stage 3. Stage 3 non-REM sleep is the deepest stage of sleep and the hardest to awaken from. During this stage, heart rate, breathing, and brain waves become regular.

How does a Christian wife respect her husband?

As Ephesians 5:33 instructs, “However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” What is this? Just as women need love, men need respect. And as a husband feels respected by his wife, he will begin to live in such a way that he is worthy of respect.

How does your child respond to discipline?

When the child responds to the discipline and stops the negative behavior, the sensitive parent responds appropriately to the change in the child’s mood and behavior. The parent’s angry feelings are naturally altered and the parent feels positively toward the child.

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