When do real gases not behave like ideal gases?

when do real gases not behave like ideal gases? In summary, a real gas deviates most from an ideal gas at low temperatures and high pressures. Gases are most ideal at high temperature and low pressure.

How does tiger behave at night? At night the tiger goes around the houses near the jungle. He is free to kill the hunts silently at night. He would be lurking in the shadow of trees. He would be sliding slowly through the long gtass.

What does the tiger do at night answer? Tigers usually stalk and ambush their prey. At night, their stripes help them hide in dense underbrush, trees and grass as they creep toward their intended meal. When they’re close enough — 30 to 35 feet away — they break from cover, race toward the prey and attack.

How does the tiger behave at night give your answer with reference to the poem a tiger in the zoo? Answer: The tiger feels very helpless in the cage. He stares with hope at the brilliant stars shining in the sky. He hopes for the day when he would be able to run free in the wild.

When Do Real Gases Act Like Ideal Gases?

when do real gases not behave like ideal gases? – Similar Questions

do humans behave like animals?

Biologically, it is so: humans are animals. However, the humans involved are not behaving like nonhuman animals (“animals”) and ample and detailed data show this to be so.

who said woman behaving rarely make history?

However, in the 1970s, Laurel Thatcher Ulrich penned in a scholarly article about the funeral sermons of Christian women that “Well-behaved women seldom make history.” The phrase subsequently gained wide popularity, appearing on T-shirts, coffee mugs, and other items — and it’s now the title of Ulrich’s latest book.

how does fortunato behave when he meets montresor?

Fortunato is addicted to wine. He’s already really drunk when he meets Montresor, and he thinks the Amontillado can help him take it to the next level. Right up until the end, he thinks of Amontillado, and only Amontillado. Plus, he lets Montresor get him get even more drunk down in the catacomb.

are corgis well behaved?

Since Corgis are very independent animals, they can become stubborn and difficult to handle, but again, with proper training early in life, this behavior can be managed. Corgis, like all other herding dog breeds, are strong-minded and want to do as they please and make their own rules.

What does Fortunato say to Montresor?

As said in the short story Fortunato insults Montresor in the past: “THE thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as I best could, but when he ventured upon insult I vowed revenge” (Poe ).

How does a person behave when angry?

Angry thoughts may be accompanied by muscle tension, headaches or an increased heart rate. In addition, the verbal and physical expressions of anger may serve as a warning to others about our displeasure. The verbal expressions include yelling, arguing, cursing, and sarcasm.

Do you need a VPN for Exodus?

Using a VPN with Exodus on Kodi is a necessity rather than convenience, at least if you live in the UK, Canada, Australia, USA, Japan, and the European Union.

How is the market in February?

The S&P 500® was down 3.14% in February, bringing its YTD return to -8.23%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average® lost 3.53% for the month and was down 6.73% YTD. The S&P MidCap 400® gained 0.99% for the month, bringing its YTD return to -6.35%.

What is Behaviour in the classroom?

Classroom behavior thus is stimulus-driven responses that occur specifically within the classroom or how students are acting in the classroom in response to what is going on or present around them.

What are some negative effects social media has on community policing?

Officers have gotten themselves into difficult situations with their departments, courts, and even the public due to the use of social networking sites. Some officers have been disciplined, lost credibility in court, have lost promotions, and have even been terminated for their private use of social networking sites.

Why does Montresor get Fortunato drunk?

Why does Montresor make sure Fortunato drinks a lot of wine? Montresor makes Fortunato drink a lot of wine so that he doesn’t suspect anything to be going on, because his in drunk. It makes it easier for Montresor to get his revenge. Fortunato is not in the right state of mind and he doesn’t know what is going on.

What do you feel when you are angry?

Anger can make you yell or scream at those around you, even people you like or love. Some people keep their anger buried deep inside. If you do this, you might get a headache or your stomach might start to hurt. You may just feel crummy about yourself or start to cry.

What a real man should be?

A real man doesn’t take himself too seriously. A real man is passionate about something, and he lets that passion drive his goals. He isn’t content to just sit and wait for things to happen to him. A real man sets goals for himself and does everything he can to realize them.

Is SCA a Larping?

On the surface the average SCA event does not look all that different from the average LARP event. However the SCA is only considered a LARP if you stop at the point of simple surface comparison and fail to include the many aspects that make the SCA unique from other activities.

Which of the following can acts as an electrophile?

Examples of electrophiles are hydronium ion (H3O+, from Brønsted acids), boron trifluoride (BF3), aluminum chloride (AlCl3), and the halogen molecules fluorine (F2), chlorine (Cl2), bromine (Br2), and iodine (I2).

What makes a pastor a good leader?

Pastors provide leadership in good times and bad. A good leader knows when it’s time to share a wise word, or when it’s appropriate to make others laugh. A good pastor strives to point other believers in the right direction (learn how to become a Prayer Warrior).

Do dogs act a certain way before they die?

Dogs may become clingier when they begin approaching the end of their lives. They likely won’t feel well and some dogs will look to their owners for comfort. With that said, this is somewhat rare.

What does a freshman do?

You’ll move to a new building, take more intense classes, meet new people, and start seriously thinking about your future. This year sets the stage for success in high school and in college. Get a preview of what you can expect academically and what college prep milestones should be on your radar.

What did a Stegosaurus do?

Today, it is generally agreed that their spiked tails were most likely used for defense against predators, while their plates may have been used primarily for display, and secondarily for thermoregulatory functions. Stegosaurus had a relatively low brain-to-body mass ratio.

Are corgis obedient?

Corgis are very independent dogs and they think for themselves. Just because they understand what you want them to do, that doesn’t mean that they will be obedient and do it. Because of this, they require consistent training and strict discipline from an experienced owner.

Do stocks usually go up after split?

Since 1980, the shares of companies that do stock splits are typically up 25% a year later, compared to 9% for the broader market, according to a recent study by Bank of America.

What are normal Behaviours in animals?

Normal behaviors are actions we expect to see from animals, such as playing or grooming. Typically, normal behaviors tell us that an animal is happy, healthy, and relaxed in its environment. When animals become stressed, bored, or sick, they may perform ‘abnormal behaviors’ such as biting, hiding, or pacing.

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