Where are templates stored for microsoft on the mac?

Where are templates stored for microsoft on the mac? Word templates are stored in your user Library folder, which is hidden by default. To open it, hold down the Option/Alt key while clicking on the Go menu and choosing Library.

Where are Microsoft Word templates stored on Mac? You can discover where your copy of Word stores its templates by looking in the Preferences. Choose Word | Preferences and under Personal Settings choose File Locations. The location is given beside the item User Templates in the list.

Can I delete Mac photo library? If you want to delete the original Photos Library to save storage space on your Mac, you can drag it from its original location (the Pictures folder of your home folder) to the Trash. Then empty the Trash.

Will deleting Photos library on Mac delete them from iCloud? When you delete a photo or video from the Photos app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac, it also deletes from your iCloud Photos and any other devices where you’re signed in to iCloud Photos. It also no longer counts towards your iCloud storage.

Apple: Where are Microsoft Office for Mac My Templates stored? (2 Solutions!!)

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How to add audio to google slides on mac?

To add the audio to Google Slides, open your presentation, click Insert on the menu bar, scroll down and select Audio. A window will pop up where you can search for an audio file on your Drive. Find your file then click Select. Your audio is now embedded in your slide!

Why is the keyboard light on my mac locked?

If you’re trying to light up the keyboard on your Mac or turn up the level and get a message or logo saying keyboard lighting is locked, it may be that the light sensor has picked up a bright light somewhere in the room. Try changing position or moving to a different room.

Where is my archive folder in outlook 2016 mac?

On the ribbon, choose Archive. If you don’t see the Archive button and you’re using the newest Outlook for Mac interface, you may need to customize your toolbar. As soon as you choose Archive, messages are immediately moved to the archive folder you’ve specified.

Where can i find my mac address on a tablet?

Press the Menu key and go to Settings. Scroll down and tap About Tablet then tap Hardware Info or Wi-Fi Settings and then scroll down to view WiFi Mac address.

How to turn off voice control on mac?

On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility , then click Voice Control. Deselect Enable Voice Control.

How to tell what processor i have mac?

Choose Apple menu  > About This Mac. This opens an overview of your Mac, including your Mac model, processor, memory, serial number, and version of macOS.

How do i decide between a mac and pc?

PCs are more easily upgraded and have more options for different components. A Mac, if it’s upgradeable, can upgrade only memory and the storage drive. A PC user can select from many motherboards, processors, storage drives, video cards, graphics cards, audio cards, and memory.

Why does my mac not have internal speakers?

Click the Output tab, then select the built-in speakers. If you can’t see built-in speakers as an option in the Output window, contact Apple Support. If the Output volume slider is set to low, move the slider to the right and test again. If the Mute box is ticked, untick it and test again.

What shortcut is command-W?

Another shortcut that works just about everywhere, Ctrl+W will close down whatever you’re viewing. Shut that File Explorer window, browser tab, or open image file without bothering to hone in on the close button.

How do I change the layout of a PDF on a Mac?

It is quite easy to change the orientation of PDF on Mac in PDFelement. Navigate to the right side menu, click on the “Organize Pages” icon on the top left. Then click the “Rotate” icon on the top toolbar.

What is an Automator in Mac?

Automator is an app that comes with macOS to help automate simple tasks. You can use it to do things like batch rename files or auto-crop images. The great thing about the app is that you can fully customize your workflows and create shortcuts to do tedious tasks automatically.

How do I turn off Zoom in sound on Mac?

If you’re using a Mac, you can press Shift+Command+A to toggle mute on and off.

Should I use Mac firewall?

In summary, a firewall isn’t really necessary on a typical Mac desktop, just as it isn’t really necessary on a typical Ubuntu Linux desktop. It could potentially lead to more hassle with setting up certain network services. But, if you feel more comfortable with it on, you’re free to enable it!

Should I have firewall turned on on my Mac?

In summary, a firewall isn’t really necessary on a typical Mac desktop, just as it isn’t really necessary on a typical Ubuntu Linux desktop. It could potentially lead to more hassle with setting up certain network services. But, if you feel more comfortable with it on, you’re free to enable it!

How do I completely disable voice control?

If your iPhone does offer a physical Home button, tap the “Home Button” option. On the screen that opens, in the “Press and Hold to Speak” section, select the “Off” option. This stops Voice Control from launching when you press and hold down the Home or Side button.

Is PuTTY available on Mac?

PuTTY is available on Mac through its macOS port. PuTTY is a Windows SSH client that’s also available for Mac – unlike other SSH clients, this tool offers a user interface and allows the user to save their login data and session information.

How do I rotate a video in Mac photos?

This is annoying, to say the least, but there’s a workaround. Simply drag the video from Photos to your desktop, or any folder in the Finder. Now open the video with QuickTime and rotate it, as descried above. When you’re done, drag the edited version back to Photos in order to re-import it.

Why can’t I get the Spotify app on my Mac?

The firewall in your Mac may block Spotify due to security issues and cause the app not to open or work properly. Disable the firewall temporarily and check if you can open Spotify again. Select Apple Menu > System Preferences.

What does single user mode do?

Single-user mode is a mode in which a multiuser computer operating system boots into a single superuser. It is mainly used for maintenance of multi-user environments such as network servers. Some tasks may require exclusive access to shared resources, for example running fsck on a network share.

Which should I choose MacBook or Windows?

If you prefer Apple’s tech, and don’t mind accepting that you’ll have fewer hardware choices, you’re better of getting a Mac. If you’d like more hardware choices, and want a platform that’s better for gaming, you should get a PC.

What do Mac users use instead of PuTTY?

The best alternative is PuTTY, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like Putty for Mac are OpenSSH (Free, Open Source), mRemoteNG (Free, Open Source), MobaXterm (Freemium) and KiTTY (Free, Open Source).

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