Where is idle on a mac?

Where is idle on a mac? In the stock Mac OS X python installation, idle is found in /usr/bin, which is not (easily) accessible from Finder and not indexed by Spotlight. The quickest option is to open the Terminal utility and type ‘idle’ at the prompt.

Where is IDLE located? At least for Python 3.1 (it shouldn’t be any different for 2.7), IDLE is located in C:Python31Libidlelibidle. bat . So to make it open Python scripts, right-click a script, go to Open with → Choose default program, click Browse, browse to C:Python27Libidlelib , and select idle.

How do I access IDLE? To open Idle with an initial file to edit, select the Python file in an operating system window, right click (Windows) or control-click (Mac), to get a pop-up window to select how to open the file. On Windows, the line for Idle requires you to open a sub-menu. Select Idle for the latest version.

Can I play my Mac screen on my TV? To connect your Mac to your television, you need a video cable that connects your computer’s display port to the video input port on your TV. If you can’t find a cable that connects the ports on your Mac and TV, you may need an adapter for the cable. (You can also use AirPlay.

Intro to Python IDLE on Mac OS X

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Why buy an apple mac?

The Mac is “easy to learn,” powerful, and equipped with tons of apps and free software updates. Easy to learn. Astoundingly powerful. And designed to let you work, play, and create in ways you never imagined.

What is a zip file mac?

Zip files are a collection of various files that have been compressed into one file. Zip files are easy to send and transfer since they decrease the file size. Both Mac and Windows come with an inbuilt compression feature that enables you to zip files. The zip files put all your files in one place.

Can you upgrade a 2014 mac mini?

Mac mini (Late 2014) has memory that is integrated into the main logic board and can’t be upgraded.

Why cant my mac download catalina?

Perhaps the reason why macOS Catalina Download may fail is because of not having enough storage space available on your Mac Device. To check for storage availability, open the Apple Menu and click on “About this Mac” option. Click on Storage to see what is the available storage space .

How do you change folder color on mac?

Open a folder you want to customize and find View in the top Finder menu. Click on it and select Show View Options. Find the Background section and select Colour or Picture instead of Default.

What folder are the photos on mac stored?

Simply put, the photo files on Mac OS are stored here: ~/Pictures/Photos Library. photoslibrary/Masters/. You should remember that the symbol ~ shows your home directory. Therefore, if you intend to use the Go To Folder option to navigate through this directory, you should always use the prefix ~.

Why are my google emails not syncing into my mac?

Enable IMAP: If IMAP is turned off, it won’t sync. Wrong Settings: Wrong settings may interfere with the syncing process. Outdated App: Outdated apps may fail to work efficiently and hence may lead to sync issues. So, update the app to solve the issue.

Do mac support windows?

Every new Mac lets you install and run Windows at native speeds, using a built-in utility called Boot Camp. Setup is simple and safe for your Mac files. After you’ve completed the installation, you can boot up your Mac using either macOS or Windows. (That’s why it’s called Boot Camp.)

Where does photos on a mac save files?

Simply put, the photo files on Mac OS are stored here: ~/Pictures/Photos Library. photoslibrary/Masters/. You should remember that the symbol ~ shows your home directory. Therefore, if you intend to use the Go To Folder option to navigate through this directory, you should always use the prefix ~.

What is a mac card?

ATM cards are known by a variety of names such as bank card, MAC (money access card), client card, key card or cash card, among others. Other payment cards, such as debit cards and credit cards can also function as ATM cards. Charge and proprietary cards cannot be used as ATM cards.

Do a pound sign on mac?

To type the pound symbol on a Mac, simply hold down the Option key and press the key with the numeral three and the number sign, #.

What is the force quit command on mac?

Press these three keys together: Option, Command and Esc (Escape). Or choose Force Quit from the Apple menu  in the top left-hand corner of your screen. (This is similar to pressing Control-Alt-Delete on a PC.)

Can I delete Console on Mac?

In order to remove active console logs you have to turn logging off. You can log into the system as a single user – hold down Cmd-s. I believe the logging will not run, but I could be wrong. If logging is off, you can cd to the log files and delete them.

How do you screencast with audio on a Mac?

Go to the QuickTime Player application; choose File/New Screen Recording. Choose if you want to record all your screen, or a portion of your screen (highlighted in red below), then click on the Record button. Click on the Options menu. Choose the appropriate audio source, in this case Loopback Audio.

Can you use an SD card on a Mac?

The MacBook Pro comes with a built-in SD card reader, so you can insert compatible SD cards and view their contents using the Media Reader. The cards must conform to SD 1. x, 2. x, and 3.

What age did Mac Miller start rapping?

On November 22, 2010, his first single, “Knock Knock”, premiered its video on YouTube. On March 29, 2011, he released an EP called On and On and Beyond. The six-track work was produced by Rostrum Records.

Can I mine litecoin on my laptop?

Litecoin can be mined at home on almost any computer, but that doesn’t mean that the computer will mine Litecoin profitably. Even so, any computer can download and run the Litecoin mining software to earn a bit of LTC.

How long does it take to mine 1 litecoin?

As of Wednesday, April 27, 2022, it would take 7.0 days to mine 1 Litecoin at the current Litecoin difficulty level along with the mining hashrate and block reward; a Litecoin mining hashrate of 9,500.00 MH/s consuming 3,425.00 watts of power at $0.10 per kWh, and a block reward of 12.5 LTC.

What’s so special about MacBook?

It’s very new in a laptop, and an interesting, if unproven, feature. It’s also pressure sensitive, which can be used to give you control over things like fast-forward video speeds and similar. It’s also one of the things that’s being added to the existing MacBook Pro range, with some update models announced.

Can you mine coins on Mac?

Of course, if you already own one, you might decide that there’s no harm in doing some MacBook Pro cryptocurrency mining when you’re not using the machine (other than the environmental harm of the waste of energy) – just don’t expect to get rich!

What happens to my emails if I change ISP?

If your email address is tied to your ISP, you will have to change it, because once you terminate the service, your account, including your email address, is gone forever.

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