Why can’t i make a new note on mac?

Why can’t i make a new note on mac? I solved it by going to icloud settings inside Apple ID and deactivating and re-activating notes. If you go inside of System Preferences>AppleID, then click on Notes (in iCloud) to disable it and then click on Notes (in iCloud) to re-enable it, it will restore this functionality.

Why is Notes not working on Mac? If it’s your Mac that’s giving you problems, you’ll need to turn Notes sync off and on again on that device. Open System Preferences. Click iCloud. Click the checkbox next to Notes to turn off iCloud Notes sync on your Mac.

Is Gouda a good melting cheese for pasta? Yes! Gouda is a soft cheese that, especially when grated, melts perfectly. It’s got a delicious nutty flavor and a smooth, creamy texture when melted which makes it perfect for macaroni and cheese!

What viruses affect Macs? Trojans: Trojans are type of malware that can be disguised in your computer to extract important data, such as credit card account details or personal information. Cryptominers: Similar to trojans, this software hides on a device. From there, it harnesses the device’s computing power to “mine” cryptocurrencies.

How to Fix the Greyed Out Issue on Notes in MacOS

Why can’t i make a new note on mac? – Similar Questions

How do i cross out on notes on mac?

In Notes, select the text to receive the Strike-through. Right-click on that selected text, and from the secondary menu, choose Font : Styles… A styles panel will slide down in Notes. Click Favorite Styles, and then choose Strike-through from the selector.

What are the 2 parts of a mac address?

A MAC address consists of two parts. The Block ID is the first six characters of a MAC address. The Device ID is the remaining six characters. The Block ID is unique to the manufacturer.

How much space needed to install windows 10 on mac?

Your Mac needs at least 2GB of RAM (4GB of RAM would be better) and at least 30GB of free hard drive space to properly run Boot Camp. You’ll also need at least a 16GB flash drive so Boot Camp can create a bootable drive to install Windows 10. Read Next: Our Windows 10 Review.

Can i drag photos from mac to phone?

Launch Finder on your Mac. Open a new Finder window or tab so that you can view two Finder locations at once. Locate and select the photos and video that you want to transfer to your iPhone or iPad. In the other Finder window or tab, click AirDrop from the side menu.

Is Wi-Fi address same as MAC address?

To improve privacy, your device uses a different MAC address with each Wi-Fi network. To communicate with a Wi-Fi network, a device must identify itself to the network using a unique network address called a Media Access Control (MAC) address.

Is avaira safe?

How safe is Avira Antivirus? Without a doubt, Avira is one of the safest antivirus services on the market. Since its rise in popularity in the early 2000s, Avira has won multiple awards for its outstanding anti-malware detection rates.

Is Farmers cheese a good melting cheese?

This is an easy home made farmer’s cheese. It doesn’t age well, so be sure you eat it within a week after it’s made – well, if you can let it last that long. If you bake with it, it melts very beautifully. It makes a perfect soft cheese for snacking.

Is Astro a50 compatible with Mac?

The free ASTRO Command Center software gives players complete control over their audio experience, which includes voice communication and game audio settings. Available on Windows 10, XBox and Mac.

How do I update my Mac from old Sierra?

To update your Mac, open the System Preferences app or the “About This Mac” menu. If your Mac is still running macOS High Sierra or earlier, you’ll need to go through the App Store to update it. You should update your Mac whenever you can, as every update comes with new features and security patches.

What does Big Mac sauce contain?

It consists of store-bought mayonnaise, sweet pickle relish and yellow mustard whisked together with vinegar, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. We’ve also added tomato ketchup to give it that salmon-y pink colour because special sauce doesn’t actually contain any ketchup – YEP!

Where is the F2 key on a Mac?

The first way uses the fn key to display the function keys. In the Keyboard preferences, click the Keyboard tab and then choose Press Fn Key to Show F1, F2 etc. Keys. This adds the function keys to the touch bar when the Fn key on the keyboard is pressed.

Is Mac password same as Apple?

Note: Your login password is the password you enter to unlock your Mac when you turn it on or wake it from sleep. It is not your Apple ID password, which provides access to the iTunes Store, App Store, Apple Books, iCloud, and other Apple services.

How do I open an unzip file on a Mac?

Double-click on the zipped file to unzip any zipped file on your Mac. This will prompt the Archive Utility tool to unzip the files in the same folder the zipped file is in. Click appropriate icons to access the extracted files.

How much space should I give Windows on my Mac?

If you drag the grey dot between the two partitions on the slider, you can adjust how the hard drive is split between MacOS and Windows. Remember that Apple recommends at least 64 GB space for your Windows partition, and at least 128 GB for the best experience.

Where was Big Sur background taken?

Big Sur’s wallpaper showcases California’s Central Coast. The official photo was taken at an elevation of 4,000 feet over the ocean.

Is it worth getting MacBook Pro 2020?

2020 Intel-powered MacBook Air and MacBook Pro: These models have been completely eclipsed by the late 2020 models with the Apple M1 chip, from performance to battery life. They’re only worth buying if you can snag them for well under $700.

Is it bad to use Macbook for gaming?

So while you won’t be able to run a graphically demanding game that needs a bunch of horsepowers to even boot up, you can still find some great titles for gaming on a Mac. While their software optimization focus hobbles their ability to play games like Death Stranding, Macs are solid for more casual gaming.

Can you play Minecraft Mobile with Mac?

” Minecraft ” offers cross-platform gameplay for both editions of the game, but in different ways. If you’re playing “Minecraft: Bedrock Edition,” you can play with Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, Switch, and smartphone players. If you’re playing “Minecraft: Java Edition,” you can play with Windows, Mac, and Linux players.

What is F2 on Apple keyboard?

These are the primary defaults of what function keys do on an Apple keyboard when. connected to a Mac: • F1 – Decrease display brightness. • F2 – Increase display brightness. • F3 – Open Mission Control.

What is the structure of a MAC address?

MAC Address is a 12-digit hexadecimal number (6-Byte binary number), which is mostly represented by Colon-Hexadecimal notation. First 6-digits (say 00:40:96) of MAC Address identifies the manufacturer, called as OUI (Organizational Unique Identifier).

Where is Maven installed in Mac?

Some of the Mac OS X versions comes with Maven 3 built in, installation located at /usr/share/maven . To test Maven installed or not in your Mac issue command mvn -v in Terminal, it shows you installed version if already installed otherwise error.

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